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Jordan p.o.v

I walked out of school into the parking lot looking around for Taylor as he promised. I saw a buggati pull into the parking lot and I immediately knew it was Taylor's. He pulled his car right in front of me and unlocked the door and I got in.

"How was school?" He asked while I buckled my seatbelt. "Boring." I mumbled laying my head against seat. "Oh well we're going shopping, well to Victoria Secret." I opened my eyes and stared at his side of face. "May I ask why?" I questioned still looking at his face. "Because I like for my toys to look tempting and sexy."

Taylor said stopping a red light and biting his lip and looking me up and down. I looked away wanting not jump him and take him at a stoplight. "Hey don't look away from me when I'm talking to you." I looked him and he smiled at me and drove off.


As we parked in a parking spot and we unbuckled my seatbelt. Taylor spoke, "Okay my friend Trinity works at Victoria Secret and will basically pick out all the sexy things for you then I pick out which ones I like." He grabbed my hand and drugged me into mall.

As we started walking around, I started seeing girls wink and smile at Taylor. I started to feel insecure, a fat black girl walking next to a beautiful white boy, it doesn't add up. I stopped in my tracks and covered my stomach, my fat, disgusting stomach. Taylor stopped and looked back at me.

He walked slowly over to me and gently took my arms off my stomach. He slipped his left arm around my waist and his right hand to my cheek. "I rather pick you than all these flat chested,no booty having girls, Jordan don't sweat it cause I got you." Taylor said looked into my eyes, he leaned down and captured my lips. I moaned at the contact and leaned back and smiled . "Come on." Taylor took my hand and lead me to Victoria Secret.

As I slowly walked into the store, I saw different girls everywhere. Taylor told me to stay here and walked over to a girl who was helping a customer. He whispered something in her ear and she held up her finger to the customer and they walked over to me and she smiled. Taylor kissed my cheek and whispered "Have fun." Then he disappeared out of the store.

"Hey the names Trinity and you must be Jordan ,Taylor's 'friend' ,come this way."

I followed the short ,dirty blonde girl to a door that seemed to lead to never land, just kidding but it did go into a private dressing room. I studied the dark red walls that seemed to resemble blood. Black dressers aligning the walls and a table filled with bras, panties, and lingerie. Ranging from different colors, sizes and materials.

"Okay Taylor told me you had boobs and a butt but he didn't tell me you had Nicki Minaj running through your blood!" I chuckled and looked at the undergarments. "Okay Taylor will be back and you try them on and tell me if they fit or not. I'm going to go help some customers. She chuckled and left me in the big room. I walked over to the table and picked up the black push up bra and matching panties.

I took off my Black jacket ,my purple shirt and my skinny jeans leaving me in my bra and underwear. I stripped them and put on the black lace pair.

I walked over to the mirror and glanced at my self. I look pitiful I thought as I walked over the table. I heard the door open behind me, and thought it was trinity. "Um yeah it fits okay."

"Oh it definitely does." I turned around hearing the deep voice that just so happen to belong to Taylor. I met his eyes that were looking me up and down.

He slowly walked over to me and grabbed my hips pushing me against the table. "I like this pair, I think black looks good on you, makes you look sexier."

My breath hitched as he kissed my ear then started biting on it. I moaned quietly as his hand slowly traveled down my area. He rubbed my clit making me moan in his ear. He took his fingers away and held then in front of my face. "You 're so wet for me baby." I watched as he put his finger in his mouth sucking off my wetness. "Taylor." I whimpered as he took his fingers out of his mouth

What the he'll just happened, but can't say I didn't like it.

"Fu¢k you taste good...do you like any other pair?" Taylor questioned slightly out of breath.

"I like them all except the yellow and green ones."I responded playing with my fingers. "Okay, we will wait for trinity and we can check them out and maybe some new clothes I don't like the ones your wearing." Taylor said picking up my clothes. We will just buy some leggings and shirts when we get out there." I nodded causing him to smile.


"Okay well I'm back and I can check you guys out" Trinity interrupted storming into the room Taylor nodded and grabbed my hand, we walked outside the dressing room and went into Pink. Taylor and I walked around and got seven pairs of leggings, Six t-shirts and five jackets to match the leggings.

Once we checked out, Taylor let me change into a outfit and we left.


Taylor sighed as we parked into my driveway or hell. "You want me to put these up in your room?" Taylor questioned. I quickly shook my head. "Jordan there's nine bags , I'm going to take them." He unbuckled his seat and quickly got out, going to the trunk to pull out the bags.


I slowly got out and reached into my pocket and opened the door for Taylor.

"Jordan you there, Where were you!!" I sighed as my mother came into view from the kitchen. "Um-"

"Who is this cute young man doing with you?" My mother smirked and eyed Taylor. Taylor looked at me saying wtf!?!?

I brushed it off and looked at the devil disguised as my mother.

"Taylor mam." Taylor responded nodding at her. She smiled and eyed me . "You want to stay for dinner?"

Lord can you please help me?

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