31 *part 2*

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"Jordan." I looked up and saw him . I dropped my list and stared at him.



He walked toward me and grabbed my hands in his.

"I missed you baby girl." He whispered looking into my eyes. I felt the butterflies in my stomach come back alive.

"I missed you too Taylor. " he smiled bright and I felt like i was the first time he smiled in a while.

"You wanna go somewhere and talk- like a coffee ship or something?" He tilted his head to the side. I nodded and he took my hand and led me through the store going to a exit.

I felt someone string holes into my skin but I ignored it and kept walking with Taylor.

Once we got to his car, he opened the door for me and I got in smelling the all familiar scent of his cologne. I breath it in and felt safe. Something I felt in months.

I longed  for that feeling.


Not just from anyone.

From Taylor.

I was knocked out of my thoughts about my love of my life. To a kiss being played across my hand.

I smiled and he grinned stopping at a red light and reached over and caresses my sore cheek making me flinch.

His face fell and stared at my cheek with his eyebrows furrowed.

"Did he hit you?" He whispered. Searching for the answer in my eyes. I looked away and looked out the window.  He pulled off and drive down the almost empty highway.

"Jordan, please answer me."

"It's not you haven't done it either." I heard a huff and he dropped it.


"I haven't in so long, plus I have been taking my medication and I feel better amd I actually love and care about you..."

I turned toward him and smiled a little and grabbed his hand.

"Your taking your medicine?" I whispered feeling proud of him. He nodded and smiled.

"I really need you Jordan, that night, I was drunk at the bar and Sara came and picked me up and I don't know how she knew where i was. She kept kissing me and i was trying to push her off and soon my mind went on autopilot and I dont remember anything after that... in the morning she told me who we broke up and that me and her will be together for a long time." His grip on my hand tightened.  He parked in front of the shop and he unbuckled his seatbelt and I followed suit and got out and reached his hand out, into it and we walked inside.

We got seated and he looked into my eyes.

"What did he do?" He questioned trying to get the truth.

"He hit me... and he raped me today..." my eyes started to sting and I felt them come down.

"And he slapped me and told me to lay there and take it. I tried of thinking of something that makes me happy. And you popped in my mind while I was getting raped." He got up and sat next to me and held me.

I longed for his touch and i have it now. I burried my face in his chest amd he kissed my head of curls.

"Shhh he won't hurt you again, I won't let him."

He reached in his pocket and pulled out his phone while still holding me with his right arm.

"Hey Sara we need talk..... I think we should break up. It's just not there and I will always be there for my child. But im in love with someone else. I'm sorry but your stuff better he packed by time I get home or I'm getting a U-haul and packing your stuff. Bye Sara." He hung up the phone and threw it on the table.

"I feel like a weight has been lifted from my chest and my heart."

He said looking at my lips.

"Kiss me." I demanded

"Galdly." He kissed my lips and I felt at home.

I felt the tingles and smiled against his lips.

He chuckled and kissed my lips again.

"Ugh I missed your lips." He whispered kissing my ear. I shuddered smiling and grasping his shirt as if he was going to disappear into air.

"I'm not leaving baby girl." I hummed and smelled his sweatshirt. "Taylor, have I told you smell really good  for a boy." I heard a laugh and a 'i smell sexy' . I punched his side weakly and he laughed at me.

"Well isn't this cute?"

I broke apart from taylor and there stood Nash glaring at both of us.

"Nash-" I tried reasoning with him. How in the hell he know I was here?

"We're going home, come on." Nash demanded grabbing my hand.

"No, nash, she's not coming home with you dude, stop." Taylor seethed pulling me back to him.

"Shes my who're, she's coming home to me." Nash grabbed me by my arm and pulled me away from taylor.

He tightened his grip making me yelp.

"Ow, nash your hurting me!" I said, why is this happening at this time in my life.

Life sucks. I just want to hold Taylor and be with him. Is that so complicated?

"Listen Nash, i miss her, your just using her. I actually love her. But you are pissing me off, you've been hitting her and you raped her. You better be glad I don't beat your @ss in this coffee shop. Now let her the fuck go and get your bit¢h ass out if here!" Taylor yelled making me from the brunette and Nash rolled his eyes and let me go.

"Fine but I will never give up, watch your back Caniff." He left people staring and Nash pushing the door roughly.

"Come on, im taking you home."


A/N what the hell did I write. Well looks like a bright but dark tunnel ahead for Jaylor.

Nash has no chill dude. Calm tf down. She don't want you but I like him, i might keep him the storyline.

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