Authors note

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I have posted the new chapter of Give your all to me. You want a description okay.

Justice a African American girl with problems of her own. Past battles with bulimia, being cheated on every minute but can't let go, parent troubles. She has a lot on her plate but what happens when she bumps into a overage guy with the name of Taylor and instantly feels something for him.

Will she risk everything to get a taste of him?

So yeah I just posted it so please check it out guys please!!!!!!!!

I also need comments people and I'm having a contest!!

Whoever can make a bomb cover for any book you choose, Why me?, You and I, We can't stop or better yet Give your all to me.

I'm choosing a cover for each book .

If you make a cover I like I will make you a character in one of the books so please.

Inbox me your cover ideas so :*

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