17 *part 1*

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jordan p.o.v

"What the hell is this!?" Taylor yelled stroming over to Nash. Taylor pushed him against the cement wall by his neck. "Didn't I tell you not to come in a 50 mile radius of her?'" taylor screeched punching him in his face.

I was frozen , i couldn't say anything or do anything. All i know is that Taylor is not going to go easy on me. I can feel the anger radiating off of him.

I was knocked out of my thoughts by a yell of my name. "Jordan in the car now!" My feet were glued to the ground as i tried to move but failed terribly. "What did i just say to you?!" taylor yelled glaring at me. I nodded and ran down the hallway.

Why am I so stupid?

Why couldn't i just follow simple directions and stay away?

Does Taylor hate me now?

What is he going to do to me?

I opened the unlocked door and sat there. Every thought was running through my mind as i felt the wave guilt run over me. Next thing i know i hear the car door open and Taylor got in. He had a few bruies on his face and his knuckles were bloody. He slammed the car door shut and turned on the car.

Taylor gripped the wheel as we drove down the road. He constantly mumbling under his breath and never sparing a glance at me. It was silent but a deadly silent.

Once we made it to his huse he just sat there staring at space. His hands never loosing  grip on the steering wheel. He pointed to the house ad I nodded and slipped out of tge seat and walked to the door ad opening it. I at down at the couch and heard the door slam and a voice boom. "Jordan what the hell did I say to you this morning!?" Taylor yelled stalking over to me. " That-" "You never listen to me! Can you just stay away for one minute!" "I'm sorry!"

He just stared at me. "Take off your clothes." "What-" "Take off you clothes now." I did as i was told and took off my shirt and pants. I stopped at my bra and thong as Taylor licked his lips. "Now on the floor hands and knees." I followed his command. I heard him get to his knees and i felt a kiss being pecked along my thong. I moaned at the sweet contact and closed my eyes. Then right before i could expect it a hand was brought to my butt making me yell. Another hand was slapped on my ass making me shake with pain. "Do you wanna see Nash?" "No ." i whispered letting a tear hit the carpet. "Louder!" "no!"

"Your mine and only mine." Taylor slipped his hand into my panties and grabbed my girl. "This is mine." I moaned and bite my lip. "These," Taylor grabbed my tits and squeezed. "are mine too. But to bad you disobeyed my orders." "No Taylor-" He grabbed me by my wirst and dragged me to the basement. "no!" I pleaded seeing the regret in his eyes but quickly being replaced with hard cold eyes.

As Taylor handcuffed me to the cement walls in cried and cried. He just avoided eye contact and stood to his feet. "if I can't trust you stay away from someone how can I trust you at all." "I'm sorry Taylor, it was accident!" he just slammed the door leaving me in the cold dark cement room.


a/n okay guys so my mom let me use the computar and im like crying right now. i have been getting great reviews on my book 'i cant stop' so im gald and this is part one so part two should be up today if not later. So my pretties i hope u guys like this.  love yall







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