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Jordan p.o.v

I looked in the mirror and grimaced at the bruise on my cheek. It's not that bad...

I mean I didn't feel it so it's okay right?

He loves me

He wouldn't do this on purpose

Would he?

No he wouldn't.

Because he loves me.

He loves me

I love him.

This is stupid, I have to go home with Taylor. I've been here for a week and Karen refuses to let me go back. But she didn't  know I was planning on packing up a bag and walking back to Taylor's. I can't live here forever. I can't stay here forever.

I put the last shirt into my bag and the door opened and I threw it under the bed.

"Jordan how's it going?" She sadly smiled at me.

I just put on a smile and shrugged.

"I'm fine."

She nodded and grabbed my hand. "You know I care about you, thats why I was thinking about you going on a dat-"

I interrupted her mid sentance and shook my head.

"Karen I know your trying to help and all but I don't want to date anyone else let alone go on a date with someone who is not Taylor...."

"I don't think he's the right match for you! Okay I don't! Taylor is equipped for a relationship as serious. He hit you several times!-"

"Okay! And? I love him and like you said because he has a disorder, that doesn't make me love him any less! How drinks and does drugs because that's the only thing that gave him moral support. He needed you! You were never there! But I was! I brought the real Taylor out. And I love the real Taylor I met. I love him and all his flaws!  Why can't you see that!?" I stood there with my arms crossed over my chest.

She's really trying  me today and I don't appreciate it.

"Because my son is unstable! He can not love someone like you! He can't handle it, he doesn't deserve anyone! Okay!"

I shook my head and nodded.

"I honestly think we should talk about this later, I'm tired and angry so goodnight." She sighed and nodded walking out the room and slamming the door. I huffed and sunk into the bed.

I might as well go now.

"Lets see who this goes, I hope your ready Taylor."

I took my bag and climbed out the window stepping into the tree that was next to the window and climbed down.

"What are you doing?!"

I dropped down and looked to where the voice came from.


"Yeah long time no see." He grinned and jogged over to me in the patch of grass.

"You could day that again,but you need certain on."/I grabbed his wrist and dragged him down the street. Before Karen heard out voices.

"So again tell me why you were sneaking out of Taylor's mom's house?" He questioned turning and looking at my face.

"Because, I am, no questions."

He nodded and put his hands in his pockets and started humming.

"What are you humming?"

"Lay me down by-"

"Sam Smith, live that a song." I started humming the song and smiled.

Taylor sang this to me three weeks ago because he said it reminded him of us...

Tears started to run down my face without me noticing. I felt someone stop me and hold me.

Hold me.

He held me

Nash held me.

I cried into his chest and grabbed his shirt as if he was to run away or disappear into mid air.

"Hey hey everything is going to get better. I'm here." The words just flew past my ears as I cried harder.

Taylor's suppose to be here.

Holding me and comforting me.

"Do you want me to bring you to Taylor's house?" I saw him smirk then cover it up. I was to sad to address it so I let it be.

I nodded and he let go and walked me to Taylor's house.


When I got there I walked up to his house but saw a unfamiliar car in the driveway. I ignored it and opened the door with my key.

I looked around and the house was pretty much content. I rolled my eyes and yelled. "Taylor! I'm back, I'm sorry-" I walked into the living room and seen what I thought would never happen. Sara on top of Taylor, kissing her. A whimper left my mouth interrupting the town from their heated make out session. Oh I must be a bother. They both turned around a smirk on her face and a guilty face on his.

My heart broke into a million pieces.

My eyes were tearing up again.

My mouth dry.

My stomach; empty.

My legs moving out the door.

"Jordan! It's not what it looks like!!/please come back!"

"It looks like you went back to her!"  I screamed letting the tears fall down my face rapidly. Taylor pulled up his pants and ran out the door. I ran over to Nash and he smiled. Why is he smiling.

"I can explain! Please!- what the h3ll is he doing here?!" He yelled walking toward Nash.

"Please I don't want to talk to you right now, just go back inside with Sara. I defended you! I went back to you after everything you've done and I loved you from day one and this is how you repay me?!"


"No please I don't want to talk, I want to cry and think right now and not talk to you."


I shook my head and walked down the sidewalk.

"Jordan!/I'm talking to you! Jordan please, I love you..."

Last thing I heard from Taylor Caniff as I left the only thing made me happy in life. Him.


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