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Jordan p.o.v

to be continued

"Welcome to my Sex chamber." Taylor smirked looking around the dark red room on awe. I stared at all the toys and whips that he would possibly use on me. I gulped and my eyes traveled to the black sheets that were neatly made with red pillows. Taylor took my hand led me the bed. My breath hitched as Taylor pushed me down on the bed. "Just relax and close your eyes." I usually closed them and I felt something tighten around my wrist making me, open them to see a silver pair on my wrist slowly digging into my sensitive flesh.

Next thing i know a black bandana around my eyes. Making every thing that touched my skin more sensitive. "So you wanna cum?" I eagerly nodded thinking about the recent events in the shower making an visible shiver go through my body.

"I'm going to see all your Spots. Make a sound punishment."

I was confused until I felt my bra unbuttoned and nipples hit the cold air making gasp. "Taylor." I breathed trying to calm down my heart beat.

I felt something cold being pressed against my nipples making them hardened them warmest engulfed it making a moan escape my mouth. I searched my back and my wrist dug into the metal making me hiss. Suddenly the warmth was gone making me whimper. "Don't worry, there's more." Taylor whispered huskily in my ear.

I felt light kisses being placed along my stomach and lower abs, The thought of Taylor being between my legs making my core hot.

I felt Taylor leave a light kiss on my kiss making close my eyes tight.

Then i felt that same cold object rubbing my clit through black lace panties making me arch my back and muffle my yell to keep from getting punishment. Taylor kept rubbing the ice through my panties making me hotter and more turned on.

The coldness was gone and replaced with a wet warm tongue making me squirm and pant, the way he was sucking on my swollen cult had my mind doing flips. I felt his tongue tease me through my underwear, making me disobey his orders, "Taylor!" I closed my mouth instantly and mentally cursed myself. "Shouldn't of done that." Taylor growled and ripped off my handcuffs and bandana around my eyes. He picked up my waist and draped it across his lap. "Count, if you miss and number we have to start again."













"You will follow my rules next time okay?" Taylor whispered in my ear. I nodded as my a$$ was stinging and Taylor was rubbing it. "Good girl."

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