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Jordan P.O.V

I walked down the school hallway feeling all eyes on me, whispers, nasty comments, stares, profanity.

I blinked the tears away and walked to my locker. Hurry up! Hurry up! Tay-

"Hey skank." Taylor slammed my locker right in face sending my long black hair flying. "T-Taylor-" "You know what you have beautiful skin..." He said grazing my bare brown forearm with his knuckles. I shivered feelings goosebumps form on my skin. "To bad your ugly as fuck." He whispered harshly in my ear. That stung so bad.

Taylor turned me around me around and pinned me to the lockers by my throat . My hands instantly went over his on my neck trying to pry him off of me. "No one will love you, your worthless!" Taylor yelled. ,I felt my airways closing. I was coughing viciously, my legs dangling. He dropped me the cold marble floor as I tired to catch my breath. Taylor kicked my side making a yelp escape my mouth. Great a another bruise.

Then he left like always leaving my heart broken....

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