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Jordan p.o.v

Sitting in the passenger seat of his bugatti as I was bring driven to school. Me just sitting there looking out the window mentally scolding myself.

You really had to say yes just because he bite your ear and kissed your neck pathetic!!! What if he hurts you!?! or-

My thoughts were cut off by his sexy laugh.-No stop it he's despicable!!

"Darling, I'm going to hurt you, I don't hurt my toys, I just use them, but your special so I'll spoil you too."

My eyes widened at his statement, "what?"

I questioned, slightly growing tense.

Taylor looked more of, glanced at me since he was driving. "Don't tell me you didn't know this, your mine and we will have sex and more things I will show you later but your not allowed to leave me."

I felt like I had to please him so I looked down at my hands like that contained the world and nodded. I can just picture him with that idiotic smirk on his face.

I looked down, hoping school was some what coming into view, I felt the car Holt to a stop in the parking lot ."Good girl." he breathed into my ear. My eyes fluttered shut and I felt his soft lips on my ear, licking the shell as I involuntarily moaned. At this moment, I didn't care we were in his car or looked like sex crazed teens just him and I....

I felt him caress my cheek with his left hand. I felt- I don't know what I I felt but his lips. His lips slowly moving to my jaw and to my chin then kissing the edge of my lips. "Come on sweetheart time for a long school day."

I opened my eyes to look out the window shield to see Taylor walking to the school.

I quickly got out and ran after him.


°Skipping to first hour°

I sat down in my usual seat and got my homework out, two hours, two tacos, Three caramel lattes later this was the outcome. Science homework.

"Jordan, why are you sitting there!" Taylor sneered sitting with the 'populars'. I quickly shook my head, my eyes flashing with horror. His persona quickly changed quickly, griping the edge if the desk he was in and glared at me.

I slowly packed my stuff in my backpack and made my way to Taylor, when I was about to sit in the desk next to him, he growled pointing to his lap. I raised my eyebrows, Is this some twisted joke? "Sit." Taylor demanded firmly and simply.

Well it's better than what I was thinking.

I just stood there, no way I'm sitting on his lap. "You sit or I will , forcefully." he demanded. I still stood there standing my ground, he can't touch me, we're in the classroom-
*bringgggggg* class started

I was forcefully pulled onto his lap and he dug his nails into my thigh. Causing me to whimper. "Next time listen." Taylor snarled in my ear.

I moved uncomfortably which caused Taylor to moan in my ear. I hid my smirk, why don't I find a little fun in this...

I started rotating my hips on his member causing him to whimper and push my hips harder against him causing me to smirk. "ohhhh" Taylor moaned quietly trying not to disturb the teachers lesson.

Then I stopped, causing him whimper due to the lack of pressure. "please."Taylor pleaded, I shook my head and started to write down notes. "Tease." He breathed into my neck. I laughed and leaned forward writing more science notes.


I grabbed my backpack and got up, Taylor followed fixing his pants????

I looked down seeing his 'situation' standing prominent against his khakis pants. I giggled making him roll his eyes. He grabbed my hand making my eyes widen at the foreign contact.

"Um...." "I'm taking you to your next hour, is there a problem?" he raised his eyebrow. I shook my head ,clutching my backpack. I swear this boy is bi-polar or something, one minute, he's mad, the next he's kissing my neck?!? Got my emotions all in a jumble.

One minute, I'm afraid of him the next my heart is fluttering. I need to get this toy thing over with and it can go back to normal.

"Okay Jordan, I'm not going to be here, but I am picking you up after school, I'll be against my car."

I nodded looking into his Brown orbs. He nodded and kissed me on the cheek and left. My cheek felt cold without his touch. I sighed and went into second hour.

I guess this won't be bad after all.

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