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Jordan p.o.v

I hate it.

I hate that she said that.

I that I feel like she was somewhat right.

I hate that she even thought to say that to me.

I can't even think of leaving him. What if he leaves me? What if he will tired of me and go on to the next girl. What if?

"Jordan!" I snapped my head to Taylor's alert voice and caressed his hair. We were currently in bed and Taylor was on top of me and kissing my neck. You could say I was out of it.

"Whats on your mind?"

"Nothing." I looked down.

"Jordan. What did i say about you keeping secrets. " I nodded and looked at him and tried to smile.

"We have to talk because your not in the mood." He rolled his eyes and put on his boxers.

"Sorry, im just out of it today."

I got up and walked downstairs trying to get rid of her voice.

"You been acting like this ever since you got home from shopping with my mom. Did something happened I don't know about?" I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a banana. I shrugged my shoulders and peeled the banana. I was about to put it into my mouth when Taylor demanded me.

"No put the damn banana down, I'm fu¢kung sexually frustrated and you shoving a banana throat is not going to help this situation!" He rubbed his head and I chuckled quietly and put the banana down.

"I'm serious Jordan we need to talk, there's something bothering you." I sighed and sat down.

"Okay well yesterday when I went to the mall with your mom it was fun but..." he sat down across from me and nodded for me to continue.

"She told me that you are not good for me, basically that I should leave you...." Taylor bit his cheek and nodded looking anywhere but my eyes.

"I told her that I would never leave you and that I love you and I want to be with you." I looked at his face and it was blank. He abruptly got up and walked upstairs.

"Shes always like this. I don't have problems! I'm fine!! The fact that she told my girlfriend is priceless!!! Fu¢king priceless!! Then the fact you didn't tell me until three days later is amazing!"  He stomped up the stairs heading into our bedroom. He opened the door and glared at me.


"No! Don't talk to me-"

- - - -

Why am I on the floor?

Why does my cheek hurt?

Why am I thinking about what Karen said?

I slowly got up and saw Taylor crying loudly on the bed. I looked at the room, a mess.

"Taylor." I whispered feeling sick.

"Taylor what happened?" I whispered stepping closer.

"No don't come toward me I'll hurt you again!"


"What do you mean again? Taylor please talk to me!" I crouched in front of him.

"Please leave Jordan! I called my mom she's on her way to get you! I'm sorry, I keep hurting you! Please-" Taylor got up and paced in front of the bed. He pulled his blonde hair viciously. Tears started to form in my eyes.

"Jordan! I'm here." Karen.

"No please Taylor!" The tears rushed down my face as I couldn't wipe them fast enough as a another dozen came down.

"I don't want to leave you!" He pulled me by my head and kissed me.

I never so much vulnerability and love all in one kiss. From Taylor at least. When he pulled back , I cried harder seeing his mother standing at the doorway.

"Come on Jordan, you can get your stuff later." I shook my head and clung into Taylor. "Please! He didnt mean it!- he loves me!"

Any accuse that could make me stay I tried. I tried. I tried.

Just wish me getting in her car was peaceful....

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Regarding the new book.

Girl falls in loves with a older Taylor and finds out the married life isn't as good as possible or a stripper who Taylor picks up and decides to give her a better life?

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