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Taylor p.o.v

I sat at the dinner table as I was getting glares from Steve or Scott. We were waiting for Jordan's mom or after much insisting Victoria. I looked over at Jordan was next to me playing with her fingers. I grabbed them and caressed them. I gave her a look that said what's wrong. She shrugged and looked back down.

I get a bad vibe here. Better yet that Steve is giving me vibes too but not good. He kept looking at Jordan, with an unreadable expression and I don't know what it was.

Lust maybe?

I shrugged off the feeling and continued scolding this place. I was interrupted out of my thoughts by a fake cheery voice. "Well I'm done with the food! Dig in!"

(Jaila p.o.v)

I stared at the fatty foods my mother just so happened to cook. Chicken, Mac and cheese, butter potatoes and steak. My mother looked at me from her food and smirked.

Don't eat it, she's just trying to make you fatter!! You don't need it!

Don't eat it. Okay

My mother only does this because she's disappointed that I'm not like my sister Khloe. She's a inspiring doctor that has done no wrong. Excelling in grades and never fails to make mom proud and happy.

"Jordan what's wrong? Eat."Taylor interrupted me out of my thoughts of my older sister.

I picked up the metal fork that seemed to hold its own glare. I picked up the noodle that contained high calorie cheese and butter: Fat. I put the noodle into my mouth which almost made me gag as I swallowed it.

"Jordan don't eat to much or you'll get fatter hunny ." My mom said her sickly sweet voice that made me drop the metal utensil against my plate, causing a clink to sound in the dining room.

Scott burst out laughing and kissed her cheek."Good on hun."

I put my head down not wanting the tears to fall. I can feel Taylor tense next to me.

"Oh are you crying? I always knew you weak! How come your not like your sister? Pretty and confident....You are a ungrateful, ugly , bitc-"


I shot my head to where the voice came.

"I will not sit here and see someone throw daggers at their child. What is wrong with you in the head?! What kind of mother talks to their daughter like that?! Why in the hell are you comparing two different children?! That's what I wanna know! I really don't how she's still stable in this household?! I can't stand this! Jordan your staying with me for now on. Go get your stuff were leaving."

My mother just sat there. "Okay."

"All she was a good fuck anyway." Scott said under his breath.

"Its called rape ever heard of it." I said as my mother gasped and looked at Scott.

I shook my head and took Taylor's hand and lead him up to my bedroom.


Taylor shut the door once we got there, I went under my bed and got my suit case that contained majority of my clothes.

"You have a suit case?" I nodded not trusting my voice.

"Okay well I'm going to put your new stuff into a big tote." I nodded packing some of my stuff.

*after packing*

Taylor put the rest of my stuff in his car and he backed out of my drive way.

No words were exchanged between my mother and I, nothing to be said really.

Taylor p.o.v

We drove to my house in silence, no words to be said. I can't believe all the mental torture she went through. I honestly thinks she should never been a mom. No wonder Jordan was hesitant to-

"I'm not."

I was interrupted out of my thoughts by a small, weak voice. I looked over to Jordan who head was down. "Your not what?" I questioned curiously cutting down the radio. Stopping at a red light.

"I'm not stable, what you seen back there is just a fraction of what really goes on. When you said 'I don't know who she's still stable in that household.' well guess what I'm not. Getting bullied,tormented and bruises at school is 100 times better than going to that home back there." She sneered. looking into my eyes with sorrow, pain and regret.

"What really goes on back there?"


What I updated and yes smut will be in the next chapter!!! OMG I CAN TAKE MYSELF AND YES WE FINALLY GET TOO SEE THE RELATIONSHIP JORDAN HAS WITH HER MOTHER. I don't like her.




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