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Taylor p.o.v


"What could you possibly want Sara?" I mumbled looking into the living room seeing Jordan touching herself. I groaned and looked back and looked at the devil.

What have I done for her to be here??

"Cant you like text me or something?" I said trying to get her to go away and leave me alone.

"You wanna hear this." I nodded defeated and called Jordan.

"Yeah babe."

"Jordan can you go upstairs for awhile, I need to talk to Sara." Jordan looked unsure then walked over to me. I smirked kissing her lips. I may of grabbed her butt making groan. A cough came from the door and Jordan chuckled swishing her butt up the stairs making me stare and lick my lips oh I'm definitely tapping that when I get upstairs.

"Come in the kitchen and you have a minute to explain then you get out." She nodded and sat down uncomfortably. She flipped her blonde extensions and huffed.

"You remember that time when I gave you head on the coffee table?" She questioned looking at me. Chuckling a little like it was the funniest thing in the world. She want even that good at it.

"But I'm guessing she's doing that for you now, right?"

I rolled my eyes and looked at her face that was caked with makeup.

"Well that's kinda her job as my girlfriend, but Sara let's get this clear. I love Jordan, I've been loving her since the day I met her which was long before I met you. I only dated you because I needed a distraction to get her off my mind. But I couldn't she was to intoxicating, amazing, beautiful. I never loved you, you were a easy fuxk and that's all you'll ever be to me. I don't know what you came here to tell me but I don't want you. I have a beautiful girlfriend that I love waiting upstairs. Now what do you think is so important that you had to come all the way over." I breathed glaring at her.

"I'm pregnant." My breathed hitched and my mouth fell open. 

"Cats got your tongue. Been throwing up lately went to the doctors and your a baby daddy now. "

"How many weeks are you along?" I asked looking at her unquestioningly. "Umm a 3." I got my phone out and got a picture from my phone I turned the phone to her and her eyes got wide.

"Maybe you need to talk to this guy too because three weeks ago you were with him too." I said smirking knew she was doing this to get to me. I'm falling for it.

"Taylor I had sex with you guys the same day and both of you didn't use protection. So either one of you is the father Taylor." She breathed getting up and touching my arm which I jerked away.  "Get out and once you get a DNA test then come fuxking talking to me! I'm not going to sit here and let you come and mess everything up for me!" She huffed and left slamming the door. I put my arms on the counter and hung my head. I felt so much stress on my shoulders just everything is happening.

I felt hands on my shoulders and Jordan massaging them. I moaned at the sweet contact and smiled. She kissed my back and continued massaging my tense muscles.

"Can we go cuddle. I'm tired and stressed and all I wann do is hold you." I said turning around and cupping her hands. She smiled sadly and took my hand leading me up the stairs. Once we got there I sat on the bed and Jordan got behind me on her knees and worked on my muscles again.

"Taylor..." I closed my eyes and answered.

"Yes baby?" I asked tilting my head toward her.

"What did Sara come for, you don't have to te-"

"Hey hey your my girlfriend, you have a right to know, um well she came to tell me that she's pregnant-" Jordan cut me off and looked drained.

"Oh, you don't have to tell me more." She removed her hands and changed her clothes crawled into bed.

"Jordan." "Jordan." I was greeted with silence. I sighed and took off my shirt taking off my pants and crawling into bed putting my arm around her making her tense.

A/N short but it's updated and see what Saras been up to. Also omg is she PREGO LIKE UM SWEETIE WE ALL KNOW YOUVE BEEN GETTING BUSY SOMEONE BESIDES TAYLOR. Um Taylor put her in her place like damn.

Try to answer these questions in the comments:

Do you think Sara is really pregnant?

What do you think about the way Taylor handled the situation.

Who's the baby daddy?

Does Jordan have the right to be cold toward Taylor right now?????




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