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Jordan p.o.v

I was sitting on the counter as Taylor was making food. "Taylor." Suddenly what he said last night popped up in my brain. "When last night happened, you said something to me."

Taylor stopped stirring the pot of noodles I just noticed and gave me a look to continue. I nodded and took a deep breath.

"You said I love you..." He looked at me with anger.

Next think I know I'm against the wall with Taylor's hands around my throat. I wheezed and coughed trying to gasp for air as Taylor angry eyes stared into mine. "Listen here and listen carefully, I don't love you and never will, your my toy, I don't love toys." Deep down I knew he was lying and decided not to bring it up. I was scratching my nails into his arm that were leaving red marks on his tan skin.

I saw some black spots when Taylor dropped me to the ground and landed on my knees instantly gasping for air. "Go up my room now, come down when I wanna look at your face."

I nodded and scurried up the stairs trying not to make him even more aggressive.

I feel into the king sized bed, still in the bra and underwear.

I looked at my scars on my wrists and lightly touched my scars. I'm surprised that Taylor haven't seen them.

"Oh I have and I don't approve." I shot my head toward the door and gulped.

Taylor walked further into the room and sat across from me took my wrist and read his name slashed into my wrist. Taylor got up with a blank face and walked out of the room. He came back two minutes later with a marker.

He drew carefully on my scars, still not knowing what he was drawing but decided not to question it. Finally when the pressure of the marker disappeared , I looked down and saw a butterfly and Taylor on its belly. I raised my eyebrows at him and he sighed. "It's a butterfly, every time you wanna self harm you look down at it, if you fall under temptation, you will kill my butterfly." I nodded and looked down. "Hey, I'm sorry about earlier I was just angry and that question set me off." I nodded slightly massaging my throat. Taylor nodded and looked at me then he got up and left.

I got up and put on some clothes, dark blue leggings and a white sweater.

I sat on the bed and Taylor's phone rang but i didn't want to intrude. But the damn thing got annoying quick and I answer.


"Um who is this?" A snobby voice said over the line.

"That's for me to know and only. Who is this?"

"Taylor's girlfriend."

I dropped the phone against the hardwood floor and froze.

A/N I'm sorry it's short but I got writers block and this book has been doing amazing. Which I'm glad.

but Taylor has a girlfriend?

Taylor is getting more aggressive and how Jordan reacting to that?

How is Taylor going to react to that?

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