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Jordan p.o.v( cute pic of Tay tay^^)

The car ride was tense and quiet. Taylor's hands were gripped into the steering wheel tight and his knuckles were white. You could feel the anger coming off of him. It was only me and him in the car as his mom drives her own.

Once we got to the restaurant we sat down and we were ordering.  We sat in a booth and taylor was on the outside and his mom was across from us."So Jordan how come your living with Taylor?" His mother asked

"Well my living conditions wasn't the best at the time." I spoke as I seen the waiter walk up to us.

"Hi welcome to Lashe's how can i help you today?" The guy Tony was staring at me. I was getting uncomfortable and looked at Taylor who was fuming. "Ugh babe what are you getting?" "The steak with mashed potatoes." He said through gritted teeth. "I'll have the salad and water." His mother said smiling. "Me too." I said handing him our menus. He winked, ""Anything for you Hun." My eyes widened and Taylor stood up.

"Your going to have to back up." Taylor grabbed his shirt and roughly brought him closer to him. "Taylor." I got up and grabbed his arm.

"Next time think before winking at my girl." Taylor pushed him and he flew back almost hitting a table. He rolled his eyes and moved out of th booth.

His mom gasped and shook her head. "I'm going to the bathroom." He mumbled and stalked away.  "Taylor."

I sighed and ran my hand through my hair.

"BPD." His mom mumbled looking at me.

"What?" I asked burrowing my eyebrows.

"Borderline Personality disorder. That's what Taylor has. First noticed when he was 12. Always getting mad for no reason..."

"Jordan has he ever hit you?" I looked down at my fingers, carp a mean a few times I mean not hard. He didn't mean it...

"Jordan...... he has a disorder. He doesn't take medicine like he's suppose to."

I nodded and smiled. "I love him though so much." She nodded and smiled.

"And nothings wrong with that just be careful." I nodded. Taylor came out and sat grabbed his coat. "We're leaving, i don't like this place. Goodnight mom love you." He grabbed my coat and took my hand and roughly pulled me outside. I looked around and every one was looking at us. I rolled my eyes and waljed/dragged inti the parking lot.

"Taylor you hurting me." I whimpered he squeezed tighter. I could start to feel the bruise.

"Taylor." A tear came down and he pushed me against the car. I whimpered as pain sourced through my back.

"Do you love me?"I looked at him questionably. Of course I love him. Why us he asking me this?

He squeezed my wrists tighter. "Answer me damnit." I nodded he slapped me.

I squealed. "Get in the damn car." I got in the car with my cheek stinging and my feelings hurt . I stared ahead not listening to his mumbling. He slapped me. Not the first time but he promised.


Once we made it home , I walked straight in the house going to our roon with him following me. "Jordan I'm sorry i didn't mean to."

I sat down on the bed and took off my dress. "Jordan." I ignored his pleas and took off my skirt and putting on a sweatshirt and shorts. "Jordan, you know what? fuvking be like that! I'm so done with trying and trying to make you happy!! You always want me to apologize and get down on my knees but guess what?!?" He came and stood in front of me. "I don't fuvking care!!" His face softened when he saw my tears.

"I'm tired taylor. I'm so tired." I said weakly pulling the covers back and got in rolling over and hearing creates in the floor boards then the door close. He left again.

Just like always.

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