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Jordan p.o.v (listen to I lied by Nicki minaj )

I laid on my pillow that held my tears. I clutched another fluffy pillow to my chest and let the silent tears run down my face. I heard a door slam and someone stumbling into the house eventually hearing something glass crash into the floor and a deep voice say oops.

"You know what, I love her okay I fuxking love her!!" I heard him yell I stayed frozen to the bed. "I mean what if she hurts me?" I heard him slur bumping into something else. "She won't, I know it she's to sweet and fragile, I can't love her!!! I will cheat or say something bad or break her heart!! She needs someone who will love her the right way. When I said I didn't love her, I lied to protect myself from catching feelings! I'm sorry if I'm such a fuxking screw up!!" He was yelling at the top of his lungs.  I slowly made myself down the stairs peering around the banister seeing Taylor sitting on the couch with a bottle of alcohol in his right hand. I heard heavy breathing and sighs coming from his mouth.

"I don't deserve her, she's so amazing with all her flaws. I wanna be able to say that I'm her boyfriend one day."

"Why can't it be today?" I asked loud. To loud.

"Jordan!?" He sprang from the couch while stumbling in his drunk state and stumble over to me. I stood up and took his hand.

"I'm sorry Jordan..." he slurred following me and rubbing my hand with his thumb. Once I got him upstairs he started taking off his clothes in a sloppy manner and threw them on the floor.

"Can I just show you how much I care?" He whispered coming toward me. I stayed silent as Taylor cornered me and caressed my cheek. "So beautiful. I don't deserve you..." he slowly took his hand away and I seen he was slowly sobering up. I grabbed his hand and placed it back on my cheek. "I think you deserve me." He weakly mailed and leaned forward. "Can I kiss you?" I nodded and his lips crashed with mine. But it was different , safe, it was caring. Scared like he was going to hurt me.

He lightly ghosted his fingers along bare arm and I whimpered at the contact. I felt his hand move under my shirt and caress my stomach and my mind was sent into a hazy frenzy. "I wanna be with you no matter what, but can you please make love to me" I pleaded running my hands through his hair. He nodded and dragged me to his bed. He slowly removed all my clothes and laying them on the floor. "Are you want to do this?" He questioned nervously.

I nodded and grabbed his hair pulling him down with me on his he'd and kissing him with so much passion. I wrapped my legs around his waist and unzipped my bra throwing it across the room somewhere. Leaving my upper body bare to him. He licked his lips and took off his boxers and taking off my panties without forgetting  to smell my arousal.

He smiled and put my legs around his waist once more and kissing my neck leaving blue red paintings on my neck when he did in the janitors closet. I felt him push into me making my eyes roll into the back of my head. "Uh huh." I moaned scratching at Taylor's back as he took deep strokes inside of me. I felt his breathing getting heavier in my neck as he took deep strokes inside of me. He moved his head away from my neck and kissed my lips. He found my hands that was in his and intertwined our hands and pinned them above our heads. Our pants were sounds throughout the room as my body was pulsing with pleasure. "Oh yes baby." Taylor moaned and my ear and kissed it. "I love you." He whispered closing his eyes and thrusting faster. "I love you too." I breathed looking into his eyes. I heard the bed squeaking making me smile and slapping of skin making this sound like a PG-13 movie.

He smiled weakly and groaned loudly. " I might come baby." I nodded and mumbled a me too, he is legs began to shake and he bit his lips hard and I felt him come deep inside me. He reached down and rubbed my cult in a circular motion making my legs shake and I came all over his fingers making my body shiver and my screams sounding through the giant house. Good thing I'm on the pill. "I love you so much." I breathed kissing his red lips. "I love you too so much." He mumbled digging his bead into my neck and wrapping his arms around my waist. Still deep inside me and I didn't care. I just played with his hair until he fell asleep and I heard little snores from him.

I really do love him but what have I got myself into???

A/N  that officially happened did they admit something to each other?? Are they going out?? Idk and I want u guys like think what's going to happened what do u want to happened!?! Do u want them to stay toy and dominant or baes but Tay Tay coming home drunk but that just ain't my business *sips tea loudly*  anyway hope u guys enjoyed and my birthday was awesome yesterday I was on fleek and I got a lot of compliments.!!! Glad to be a new age feel weird but anyway


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