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A month later

My lips mixed with his but didn't have the same taste, feel, emotion but would do for now.Maybe he's good for me. Maybe ill stop missing him but I don't think I could if I wanted to.

He moved his hands down my back and moaned as I but his lip. 

Maybe I'm supose to feel some type of way about Nash or that he makes ne feel like he did.

But he doesn't.

He didn't sound like him but would have to do for now.

My lips became numb but I knew this wouldn't go as far as with him.

That this thing we have isn't what I wanted.

I never wanted this.

I just want my everything back.

He moved from my lips to my neck and I grabbed his brown hair in my hands and whimpered out his name. "Nash."

He may have my body but he doesn't have my heart.

I sat there with my hands shaking and my head spinning.

I'm with Sara now .

Maybe that will set me straight.

What would Jordan think?

She probably wouldn't care. She hates me now. I cheated.....

Her face when she found out.

It's like all the things I did wrong never topped this.

I knew I was going to let her down.

I knew it. I just felt it.

I hate that though. Now Nash has her. I seen her the other day with him. She looked so unhappy.

She looked happier with me. Oh the way her lips felt against mine.

Maybe one day I'll get her back.

I was interrupted out of my thoughts by Sara. She handed me the papers. I took a breath and read the papers. I'm the father.

She may have my baby but she doesn't have my heart.

Sometimes i think about her.

Sometimes i think about him.

Sometimes I think about how she made me feel.

Sometimes I think about the way he made me feel.

Sometimes I think how it would be if he didn't cheat.

Sometimes I think about how it would he if I didn't cheat.

But we can dream right?

A/N late and I'm sorry I've been trying to get this to you guys so i hope you guys like it. So apparently they are in two different lanes.

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