17 part 2

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(Two days later)

     I opened the door to the basement and I heard weeping. I been trying to fight the urge to come down here and let her go but she needs to learn her lesson. I told her simple orders that she couldn't confine to. So I'm not letting her off the hook so easy.

     I turned on the light and I drug a chair that was in the corner in front of her and put her food on my lap. I picked up her head and she weakly smiled. I saw that her eyes were watery and tear stains lining her face. I  wiped them away with the pad of my thumb and smiled weakly back.

"Why are you crying still Jordan?" I asked picking up her chin so she looked into my eyes.

"B-because i-i disobeyed you. I'm sorry Taylor." I nodded and kissed her forehead.

"Its okay baby but you have to eat." I said picking up her fork and scoping a little macaroni and cheese. Jordan shook her head and pouted.

"Jordan you have to eat something." She again shook her head and looked away. I huffed and glanced at her wrists that was soaking with blood. I gasped and lightly touched it making Jordan whimper. "Jordan how did this happen?" She looked at her wrist and quickly looked away.

"I w-was trying o get them o-ff and I cut my w-wrist." She whispered. I nodded and spoke. "Doesn't it hurt?" She nodded and her stomach growled.

"I d-deserve it." I closed my eyes and leaned back in the chair I was currently sitting in. "Stop talking like that now , you don't deserve anything but the best."

"Well then I don't deserve you." The words that she spoke took me back a minute. What did she mean by that? I hope she's not saying that I'm the one she wants because I'm not the best for her. Yeah maybe I wanna be with her some day, but I know it's just not going to happen. She's going to find a amazing guy who will treat her right and protect her and I'm just not the guy for her. I just can't be that guy for her...

"Jordan I'm going to clean you up okay?" She nodded and I took off the bloody handcuffs and I picked her up. I walked carefully up the stairs and listening to Jordan whisper sorry's into my shirt.

Once we made it upstairs I sat her down on the bed and was about to walk to the bathroom when I heard a whimper. I turned around and Jordan had her arms out grasping air like a toddler wants their mother. I nodded and picked her up and sat her on the bathroom counter.

I ran a bath for her and I sighed , leaning against the wall next to the bath. Once the tub was full, I got a little towel and a big towel putting it on the counter.

I was getting ready to leave when I heard a quiet stay. I turned around and Jordan was looking at me. I nodded which I noticed I've been doing a lot  lately. I guess I can't say anything.

"Can you help me get my bra off? It's stuck." Jordan whispered walking over to me. "Turn around." She did as she was told and let her arms sink to her sides.

I untangled the bra strap and unclipped her bra. I took it off and put it on the counter, next I let my fingers sink into the lining of her thong and hook my fingers into it and I bent down and let them fall to her feet. I got to back to my feet and turned her around. "Get in the tub okay?" She nodded and stepped in. Once she was all in I grabbed the towel and started rubbing her back softly making her moan. I chuckled and continued rubbing her neck.

Once I was done with that I started her front. I rubbed the towel on her great making her close her eyes. I was getting to excited down there when I decided to stop.

Jordan grabbed my hand that I had the towel on and put it under water. I crunched my eyebrows until I felt her. Jordan but her lip and whimpered as she rubbed her clit with the towel. "Jor-" "ssshhhh." She moaned and I felt her legs shake and her eyes rolled to the back of head. She let go of my hand and she sighed. I looked down at my sweats and they were soaked. I breathed out and ran a hand through my hair.

"I'm going to go get you some clothes and just stay here okay." I walked out of the bathroom and changed my sweats and took out her some clothes.

"Jordan, you can come out now." I heard the door open and I turned around and sat on the other side of the bed. "Taylor happy birthday." I turned around and Jordan stood there in her clothes.

"Your Birthday was two days ago." She remembered. "Now that I think about it,what I did wasn't the best gift in the world." I nodded and held out my arms. "It's okay, I don't usually celebrate my birthday." "Why?!?!?!" She yelled stopping in her tracks. "Because my mom really didn't care I guess so I just spent it on my own." She made a 'o' with her mouth and I nodded.

"If you want to give me a birthday present come over here." She smiled and ran over to me. Maybe I am feeling something for her.

Okay I like it ,kinda okay i do but tell me what guys think. Also I am editing I can't stop and the whole thing basically. To We can't stop so I am happy about that and I have to update You and I like I'm the worse but thanks u guys for being here from the jump on this book and I am like mad at Taylor for being so confused. Like can u just make up your mind!! Ughhh but

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