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Jordan p.o.v

This morning was worse than yesterday. Taylor and I had a fight and he almost hit me. It's funny how we fight like a couple. Ha a couple.

I got my books out of my locker and walked toward the back of the school. Once I got there I was turning toward my home room when someone bumped I to me. Sending me landing to the floor, I heard a series of sorries and stuttering. I picked up my stuff and looked at the guy in front of me.

"Hey sorry.... I'm Nash, hey your Taylor's Toy." He held his hand out and I shook it. "Jordan and don't remind me."

I smiled and looked down, I felt his index and his middle finger lifting up my chin and a smirk on his face. "I like you." I smiled and looked into his blue eyes. "What class are you going to?" I asked

"Um Social studies." "Me too, come on." I walked with him and the whole time we just talked. How about he just moved here a few days ago and how he misses California. I listened just finding comfort and peace in his deep voice. Once we add it there, he opened the door for me and we slipped in the back.

He would sneakily kiss my cheek and turn away like he done nothing. I would blush and he would coo. This went in a cycle until I felt someone burning holes into the side of my face I looked at the intruder. I saw Taylor looking angry and .......hurt?

I brushed it off and continued to talk to Nash

"You should come over." Nash said brushing his knuckles up my bare arm slowly. Looking into my eyes. I bit my lip and looked at his hand that was caressing my hot skin. "Sure I'll have to see." I said smirking a little.

"Class I'll be back in a minute just keep reading." Mr.Steller left the room and Nash's hand went to my cheek. "What are you doing mister?" I whispered as I leaned into his addictive aura "Maybe I want a kiss...."

"Maybe not." I said as he moved his face closer.

"Playing hard to get I see, I like it." He said brushing his lips against mine leaving a burning sensation. I grew breathless under his stare as he opened his mouth.

Nash breathed into my lips and caressed my cheekbone. He pressed his lips against mine making my lips burn with pleasure. We weren't moving or tongue just lips pressed on lips.

I forgot about everything even Taylor. Just his lips on mine. He leaned slowly back and licked his lips slowly. "Your lips taste good." He ran his finger over my lips and leaned back and smirked.

Even though I just met him not even ten minutes ago I trusted him something screamed TRUST HIM!!!

So I did....


The bell rang and Nash grabbed my hand we ran out shoving people as we went. I smiled and ran to his jeep that pure black and had rims.

I hopped in and put on my seatbelt. "Come on we're going on a adventure, I think i have a scarf back here somewhere. " he found it and put it around my eyes.

"It might be a long ride but you will love it when we get there."

I nodded and giggled, I felt rebellious like I broke Taylor's rules.

He has a girlfriend why can't I have a friend..

The car ride was consisted of awful knock knock jokes. I laughed because of badly he was trying to recover them.

"Do you work at little ceasers because your hot and I'm ready."

I laughed and looked in his direction even though I coudnt see him.

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