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¥Jordan p.o.v¥

I scrubbed the dirt off of my body as I stood under the streaming hot water. The tears mixing in with the H2O but like I really noticed...I don't know how long I've been in this shower but I don't plan on getting out either. As long as I get him off of me. I just wanna go to my room and get to bed.

*Next day*

I woke up feeling worried like something might happen...

I hopped out of bed and got dressed in a purple sweatshirt, blue skinny jeans and my black convereses. Plus a jacket to hide my scars

I ran to my joint bathroom and did my hygiene and put my straight hair in a ponytail.

I made my way downstairs I avoided my mother and grabbed my backpack, walking out the door and walking down the driveway.

~skipping Walk

As I made it into school I looked around as everyone was avoiding eye contact with me. which was strange.

I dragged myself to my locker and opened it, following a white letter falling out. I opened the small piece of paper and it read....

_Unknown p.o.v_

I watched as Jordan picked up the note and read it, I smirked and turned around walking into first hour.

:Jordan p.o.v:

I sat in seventh hour nervously tapping my pencil against my desk, nervous habit.

Who in the he'll put that letter in my locker and why? No one at the freaking school, even notices me. So many questions going through my mind right now.


Every one piled out the cluttered classroom as I made my way to the janitors closet.

I slowly opened the door causing a squeak to make its way to my ears. "Hello?" I gulped.

Next thing I know I'm pinned against the wall. My bruised back making pains through my whole body. I felt the unidentified person reach over and flick on the rusty light switch. "Taylor what are you doing here?" I questioned feeling betrayed in some way and aroused??

I saw him lean against my ear and bite it making me whimper.

"Your going to be my toy whether you like it or not." Taylor whispered in my ear while peppering kisses on my neck, almost making my knees give out. I felt him press his hard on against my upper thigh causing me to moan. "You sound so sexy when you moan Jordan..." His kisses moving my exposed collar bone. In that moment I forgot about him abusing me, Scott, school , my mom, the cutting. He was like a drug I couldn't get enough of, his lips painted red and purple pictures on my neck , I moan unnecessarily loud when he found my spot, right below my ear sucking lightly and pulling back. I saw his hazel eyes blown from lust and his breath slightly jagged.

I raised my hand and caressed his face feeling him put his hand over mine. I didn't really know how to act in this situation. "Jordan your my toy meaning I get to have you anytime I like, I don't care if it's in the middle of class or two o'clock in the morning, if I need you, I will have you . Understand? The school will not mess with you including Aaron and Dillon. When I tell you to do something you do. You are not allowed to talk to any guys but me, If I catch you, you will be punished. Understand ok. I will be picking you up and dropping you off. Oh yeah and If you haven't figured out, sex is involved."Taylor breathed out staring into my eyes. I nodded, he smirked and leaned forward barely touching my lips with his own. He pulled back put that stupid smirk on his face. Why me?

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