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Taylor p.o.v

I woke up to snoring and someone holding on to me. I looked down into Jordan and smiled. I threw the sheets off of her and I saw something red staining my basketball shorts. I carefully lifted it up and my breath hitched. I ran a hand through my hair and shook her. "Taylor?" "We need to talk." She nodded and yawned. "About?" "You killed my butterfly?" She crunched her eyebrows in a confused way but her eyes shown fear. "Jordan please tell me I'm wrong." I breathed my temper rising. "Tay-" "No I tried so hard to break you of this coping mechanism. You can't keep hurting yourself!!" I yelled getting up from the bed.

"Tay-" "No if you say anything I will get madder so just- people care about you-"

"who!? You , aaron and Dillon bullied me for for the moment I got to that school!! Told me I was worthless and ugly and disgusting!! My mother would encourage me to throw up my meals so I could somewhat like my older sister who's a size 0!! My step dad would sneak into my room when I was asleep and rape me! I've been broke down my whole life! This is my only coping mechanism!! Then the only reason guys like me is to rape me!! I'm not anything. You said it yourself, no one could love someone like me."

I whispered getting quiet by the end of my speech. Taylor hook his head and slipped down the wall.

"Jordan why didn't you leave me?"

"What?" I asked not believing what I was hearing.

"Why didn't you leave a monster like me? You had very chance to but you didn't you stuck around when I constantly hurt you! I didn't mean to bully you I just didn't want to tell you about something so I thought maybe if I bully her I won't feel the way I am feeling but it didn't help." He confessed looking into my eyes.

"I stayed because something was keeping me here. Your care was keeping me here, the like you showed me. You were the first person to actually care. I can't walk away from that and maybe a other reason but that doesn't need to come out the hiding yet."


"Because I don't know how your going to react to that statement so it's not coming out the same way." He nodded.

"I'm screwed up in the head Jordan, I'm really am. I'm in love with someone I don't want to tell them and I can't love  or I will end up hurting you-"

Taylor put his hands over his mouth and cursed under his breath.

"Taylor you love me?" Maybe he was talking about me and maybe he loves me?


"NO!do you have feelings for me?" I breathed taking a big chance. This could grab either way. He could totally say yes and we could maybe start something or he could deny and tell me that I'm crazy maybe even kick me out.

"Jordan you know I'm not the right guy for you, I could hurt, mentally and physically. I not equipped for a relationship."

"But you were equipped for Sara?"I asked

"Theres a difference!"He yelled standing to his feet.

"How!?" I yelled feeling fed up with all this masking of feelings. He grabbed my face between his hands. He stroked my hair and looked like he was at lost for answers.

"I didn't love her the way I love you." He breathed looking like he said to much. "I have to go." He said rushing out of the room. Leaving me there, confused and happy?.....

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