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Taylor p.o.v UNEDITED

I sat on my  couch with Jordan's  head on chest and warm arms wrapped around my cold body. I needed this so badly. Just to be in her arms..

I just needed her.

What haven't talked since we got here. We just held each other. Then a disturbance to the silence through the empty living which we were sitting in.

"I remember sitting down here every night while you were gone and just drink til I couldn't remember my own name. Sara would just walk past me or try to take off my pants and I'll always push her away. I didn't like her presence but she was a substitute. A poor one but a substitute. Then I was walking past my room one day and I heard her on the phone with someone else. Not really sure. Saying she couldn't wait to fake a miscarriage. That she hated acting like she was pregnant.

Wow. I felt so betrayed. I walked in and she hung up the phone and she smiled like I didn't hear her. I told her to pack her shi.t and get to steppin'. She countered with ' But I'm pregnant' I sh.it that down real quick. I just missed you Jordan. You're the one who suppose to have my babies and have the ring I give you on your finger. Not anyone else. I love you baby. "

She smiled at me and connected our lips. I kissed her harder missing her soft lips. Oh how much I missed them. She straddled me and I trailed my hands to her a.ss kneading them with my fingers.

Making her whimper under my touch. I took that as my chance and slipped my tongue in her mouth.

Out tongues joined and I massaged her tongue within making her involuntarily grind herself on me.

I moaned and picked her holding her by her thighs and carrying upstairs. She moved to my neck and went to work.

Kissing and biting making my eyes shut. I opened my door with my foot and closed it behind us. I laid us down and being her face up to mine and kissed her before kissing her neck. She moaned that moan that always gets me going.

I nipped at her spot making her main my name. "Say my name again baby."

"Ugh fu.ck Taylor." I was hard and poking Jordan's thigh.

She moaned when she felt it and I gradually sucked down her body was while pulling off this thin clothes that was a barrier between us.

I got to her leggings and pulled them off seeing her wet panties smelling so good. She smelled like honey. Fu.ck

I sucked her through her underwear making her back arch and she grabbed my hair. Pulling it making me groan sending a vibration through her panties. (A/N such a weird word  okay sorry continue)

She yelled. I finally took off her underwear and got to work. I stuck my tongue inside her while rubbing her sex. She yelled out my name again. Her eyes rolling to back of head. Her breath ragged as I tongue fu.cked her. I rubbed harder wanted her to cum for me. Her legs started to skake and her moans became louder. Finally she squirted on my face. I slurped all of her sweet juices and crawled back on her and kissed her lips. She smiled land I pulled off my pants and she pulled off my shirt. Rubbing my chest. She licked her lips when she saw my meat. ( A/N I have no chill xD.)

I slowly pushed in and she gasped playing her nails in my back. I kissed her ear and whispered in it.

"You missed daddys long thick inside your hot hole princess? Pounding into you so hard you couldn't get walk straight for a week?"

"Please don't ... tease Taylor."

With that pounded into her making her yell my name as loud as she can. I bet the neighbors know my name by now.

Her nails was scratching down my back as I went harder and faster by the minute. "Jordan fu.c'mon your so tight around me." I groaned in her ear. I reached between us and rubbed her sex making her eyes roll to the back of her head again. She came on my hand and I was close. She started to clench on me and I came inside her. I laid on top of her and kissed her cheek. I was tired.

Hey I haven't had any sexual contact in a month and a half. Well if you count handjobs. But those didn't feel as good as sex. Especially with Jordan.

"That....was....amazing.....Taylor..." she wanted as she smiled at me. I smiled back and told her to go to sleep.

No I just have to take care of some business with Nash.

A/N you guys probably thought I was dead. Felt like it. Sorry. I don't like the idea that this book is dragging on.  Sorry just crap in my life so yea.  Ugh.

So anywhore. Get it any whore because. You know haha no chill XD.



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