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"Well we're here." Taylor announced sighing and rubbing my knee. I looked at the huge house that was in front of me, i gasped and quickly composed myself. "Open the door, sit on the couch and wait." Taylor demanded showing no emotion in his cold hard voice. "But-" "Jordan just take the fu©king key and get out!!" he screamed making me flinch.

I grabbed the key and got out, slightly shaking due to the current events. I finally got the door open and walked into the house, looking at the high ceilings and marble floors. I stumbled into the living room and shuffled over to the dark brown coach that must be designer. I sat down uncomfortably moving every once in a while.

I waited for a while until I heard bags being shuffled in and Taylor walking right past me to the rooms I'm guessing. I looked down at my hands and every thought went through my mind. I felt a weight being pressed against the pillow next to me.

Still my eyes remained on my hands not giving his presence a excuse to look up. Taylor lightly grabbed my chin and looked into my eyes. I couldn't tell the emotion behind his hazy hazel eyes. "You confuse me but I can't say I don't like it." That's when he crashed his lips into mine. It was different, there was something there that was beyond lust. My hands quickly found his hair tugging and needing something to hold. Everything was hazy but I need him. Taylor raised up off the couch and I followed our lips still connected, moving feverishly against each other. He was tugging on my shirt, he pulled back and I got a chance to look into his hazy orbs and he ripped off my shirt. I followed trying to get the annoying material that was keeping me from his hot skin. I threw it across the room pressing myself to his body. He moaned and threaded his hands into my hair as my clammy hands discovered his chiseled chest. His hands traveled down to my butt and squeezed making me wrap my legs around his waist.

We stumbled and tripped but we made it: His bedroom. He threw me on the bed as he unbuttoned his suddenly tight pants. He threw them somewhere and climbed on top of me eagerly reconnected our lips. I lost my hands in his hair while he was slightly struggling to get mine off.

Moans, pants, grunts and screams were heard from the two as Jordan scratched at his smooth back. The headboard banging against the wall as cracks were heard. Jordan could the emotions flowing between them. They could both feel it as Taylor thrusted with anticipation. He leaned his forehead against hers,"open." She opened slightly hooded due to the pleasure. He stared into her eyes looking for something. He suddenly found it making his heart beat faster. He kissed her with as much as he could. He suddenly broke when Jordan started digging her fingernails into his back harder. "You ready."Jordan moaned staring into his orbs as they both reached their highs. They both screamed to the rooftops each other's names. Taylor body gave out and laid his sweaty body against hers. He whispered something into her ear that made her smile and fall asleep.

A/N I just listened to Selena Gomez song 'the heart wants what it wants' while writing this so you get the vibe. I'ts short but longer next time and did u enjoy??? 12 reads for next chapter and yeah I've been meaning to update but I must be the world's best procrastinator in the world but anyway




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