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I woke up feeling someone playing with my hair. Naturally I pressed against the pressure and moaned. "That feels good?" Taylor huskliy whispered into my ear. I nodded and he chuckled kissing my ear lobe making my mouth go agape. He sucked further going to the right side of my neck. We laid there, his chest to my back as wrapped his right arm around my waist.

Taylor bit and sucked my sweet spot, surely going to leave a mark. My breathing picked up a bit as he licked my newly forming hicky. "So sexy."

He breathed into my ear as I felt his hand enter my shorts. Taylor bit his lip as he starred into his eyes. Next thing I know I feel my underwear being pushed to the side and a long finger enter my hole. I gasped clutching the sheets and trying to calm my heart rate. He started moving his finger making my groan and throw my head back. "T-Taylor." I moaned biting my lip. He started going faster making pleasure surge through my body.

He was at two fingers when I really lost it. "Ah my fingers are so slippery." I felt him grind his huge hard on against my a$$ making my moan louder. Taylor was grunting against my ear marking me more hot. "Oh yes." Taylor moaned moving his fingers inside me making that familiar tightening in my stomach. "I'm about to-" I screamed spilling my juices onto his fingers. Taylor grunted as he clutched my waist tighter and jerked his hips forward.

Heavy panting was all that was heard between us from that 'steamy session'.

" I'm going to go change boxers, these are dirty." Taylor said slipping out of the king sized bed and walked well kinda waddled into the bathroom.

I laid there and felt my panties; they are soaking wet. I sighed and walked over to the dresser that housed my undergarments and pulled out a new pair red lace panties.

I took the soaked ones and looked at the digital clock on the dresser. 7:50


"Taylor get ready we have school!!!"  "FUCK I forgot okay put on your clothes ill be out." I nodded my head even though he couldn't see me and took out my outfit. {A.N ^^^ the outfit above the white one}

I put on my outfit and looked at my hair, I'll leave it curly. When my hair was curled it usually went down to under my boobs but today it's going in a ponytail with it curls hanging which was fine. I decided to go natural today and show off my natural side.

"You ready?"  Taylor said exiting the bathroom with sweats and a sweatshirt on.

I nodded and grabbed our backpacks.

Once we made it out the door we ran to his  black Range Rover and hopped in.

"What time is it?" Taylor questioned backing out of the drive way.

"8:14." I said putting my iPhone away. He nodded and sped down the highway. Taylor grabbed my hand with the one he wasn't using and raised it to his mouth a laid a gentle kiss on it. He didn't make eye contact with me once still not letting go of my hand and kept his eyes on the road. I smiled a little and looked at our hands that was draped across seats. I turned myself toward the window and looked at the trees passing by.

"Were here." Taylor unbuckled his seat belt and mine and I (sadly) let go of his hand. I got my backpack and walked toward school.

So many bad memories. "Hey, it's okay nothing can happened." I nodded and looked into his eyes. Taylor wrapped his arm around my waist and walked us into school.

As soon as the doors open every one looked at us, people staring , some looking confused,  even some guys were looking at me?  I shook my head and looked down. Taylor walked me to my locker and kissed my cheek and left.

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