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Taylor p.o.v

"Where is she?!?!?" Sara yelled running through the living room. "What the he'll are you talking about?!" I yelled trying to grab her. "Your little toy everyone keeps talking about!" She yelled pushing my chest. "Wheres the little who're-" I pushed her against the wall by her neck.

"You listen now and you listen good, first you will not be invading my house like you just did! Second if I did I have a who're that's completely none of your business. Third of all I will not tolerate you running around here like you have no sense!" By this time I was breathing hard and she looked Sara was crying and suffocating.

I let go of her and stepped back and watched as she stood there grasping her neck.

"I thought you loved me?" She asked studying my face. "Get out!" I pointed to the door and she whimpered and left.

I walked up the stairs slowly and walked into my room and saw Jordan wrapped in covers. I walked over to her and kissed her forehead. I slowly trudged over to liquor cabinet and took out some whiskey. I poured myself half a cup in a glass and sat on the edge of the bed and took a sip.

I let the brown substance burn my throat and glanced at Jordan.

She's so beautiful. I shook my head and ran a hand through my hair.

I've been so stressed lately with Sara and Jordan and just everything.

I took a big gulp just thinking about it. I'm turning 19 tomorrow and I'm graduating in two months even though Jordan  has two more years.

"Taylor." I heard a sweet voice called behind me. I put down my almost empty glass on the side table and turned around.

"Yes sweetie?" I replied crawling over to her. "Why were you yelling?" She asked looking into my eyes. "Nothing you need to worry about, just go back to sleep." She looked hesitant and finally nodded and turned over. I put my arm over her and spooned her. "Sweet dreams." I whispered kissing her ear.

Next morning Friday

"Come on Jordan time to get up." I whispered shaking her slightly. She opened her eyes and smiled. She nodded and got up and ran to the bathroom. I got the hair supplies and what she was going to wear today. Once she came out in a towel and right now I wanted to take her on the floor. No stop you gotta do her hair.

"Come on Jordan." She nodded and sat between my legs. I grabbed the brush and raked it through her black curls. "Do you want it in a ponytail or braid?" I asked looking waning forward and looking into her eyes. "Braid." She replied gripping her towel. I nodded and brushed her hair and used some leave in conditioner and made a braid. When I was done I put the braid in over her shoulder and it went under her boobs. I smiled and tapped her butt. "Okay." She got up and went over to what she was wearing. I looked away trying not to get excited.

Once she was done I drove us both to school and before we could get out; I stopped her. "Remember no Nash." She looked down and nodded. I kissed her cheek and got out. I walked her to her locker and looked around and sa Nash staring at her. I glared at him and he turned away. I pressed myself to her back and put my hands on the lockers next to her.

"I swear if I catch you with Nash, there will be hell to pay. You belong to me, your mine and no one else." I started rubbing my hard on against her ass. I felt eyes on us and smirked on her ear. "You got it ?" She nodded and I backed up and kissed her cheek. "Dont disappoint me."

Jordan p.o.v

Taylor walked down the hallway and my phone went off.

Nash-meet me in the girls bathroom ;)

I looked around and got my stuff. I walked down to the girls bathroom. I don't know why I'm doing this but something is telling me to. I already know something's going to happen. But Taylor's don't know , I don't want to make him mad but I like Nash.

I opened the girls bathroom and Nash was standing there with his arms crossed. He smiled once he saw me and hugged me.

"Finally your here." I half smiled and he kissed me. I didnt feel right, I didn't feel like when Taylor kissed me. I shook the thoughts away and kissed back. Nash started to unbutton my pants and I grasped his hands.

"Nash I don't th-" "shhh don't say anything, let me take care of you." He whispered kissing my neck and trying to get my pants off. "Nash!" Nash slapped me in my face. My hand went instantly to my face. "Now just be quiet and take it." He pushed me on my knees and unbuttoned his pants. "Please Nash." He growled and grabbed my hair, "take it." The door burst open and Taylor stood there.....

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