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Mine ; Taylor Caniff by shirtlesscaniff
Mine ; Taylor Caniffby mia
"somewhere between our laughs, fights, and dumb pranks, I fell in love." Peyton Montgomery lived an ordinary life, that is until she downloaded an app called V...
An arranged marriage || M.E by emmaxo123
An arranged marriage || M.Eby Queen Emily
//ar·ranged mar·riage\\ He hurts me in every way possible, but I stay... Because I love him Completed
17 & Pregnant; T.C «Sequel to 16 & Pregnant» by Digi_Hayes
17 & Pregnant; T.C «Sequel to Digi_Hayes
Jamison is at it again. Pregnant with her second child. Taylor and Jami are happy at first, but then it all becomes too much. Jami starts to rethink Taylor being her sou...
Just A Roommate by FrantasticFanfics
Just A Roommateby .
" you guys are just roommates?" "Yup, just roommates. Nothing more. Nothing less."
Falling in love with my bully (C.D) by rivergleek
Falling in love with my bully (C.D)by rivergleek
Donica Rose has always been bullied by her school's most popular and hottest guy Cameron Dallas and his gang since she first moved to Chino Hills but what happens when t...
My brother's best friend (Jack Gilinsky) by omxhxsquxdd
My brother's best friend (Jack Abbi
Elle is a 17 year old youtuber, model and singer. She is The Jack Johnson's sister but she never sees him because he is always at Magcon. She is also very close to Jack...
The New Girl by emilyjmeltzer
The New Girlby Emily
Carter is a 17 year old from Norway. She lives with her Grandma. Her mom died a couple years ago of cancer. It hit her hard but she wasn't very close with her mom anyway...
Magcon Truth by amandalatini
Magcon Truthby amandalatini
Amanda, she's just a regular 17-year old that lives in Florida. Her 13 year-old sister Anna has a vine. She is obsessively talking about these viners and has been wantin...
Bitch || T.C by emmaxo123
Bitch || T.Cby Queen Emily
"Bitch" "Slut" "Fuckboy" "Asshole" "Stop fighting you two, like fuck I think I'm getting a headache cause of your bullsh...
Fuckboy✖️ mendes by vanialler
Fuckboy✖️ mendesby vanialler
The fuckboy of the fuckiest boys. The guy who's ruder than any mean girl. The kid who's always in-trouble but, seems to have straight A's. A kid who's so sneaky that hi...
fuck her right in the pussy by LimaBjones
fuck her right in the pussyby lima
the story of a boy and a girl who fell in love under cliche fanfic circumstances, but had a not-so-cliche relationship
Royalty // Nash Grier by tabs_tabs
Royalty // Nash Grierby tabitha
Hi! Here's a fanfiction about a 17 year old girl named Amanda who's a professional model for Victorias Secret but then she finds out her parents are leaving for a year s...
GROUPCHAT.          magcon✔️ by wethairblair
GROUPCHAT. magcon✔️by don’t worry
*you have been added to a groupchat* Honestly its a groupchat with old magcon, its going to be crazy. Started: April 5, 2017 Ended: September 23, 2017 Highest rank in FA...
One night (Shaylor) by Dalton159
One night (Shaylor)by Dalton159
All it takes is one night. In one night your life can change into something good, bad, or in between. That's what happened to Shawn Mendes. One night changed his whole l...
cocky + magcon  by airshawn
cocky + magcon by tea
+an aspiring singer gets noticed by magcon, joins the tour, and clashes with someone on the tour. but she may fall in love too. +lowercase intended all rights reserved t...
Why me?(A Taylor Caniff fan fic, BWWM) by Taylors_bandanna_
Why me?(A Taylor Caniff fan fic, Taylors_bandanna_
"Your my toy and you can't do anything about it." Taylor whispered huskily in my ear sending chills down my spine. 'Why me?' ~Taylor Caniff
Him (Nash Grier FanFic) by blonderedneck
Him (Nash Grier FanFic)by Amber Gentry
Madison Dallas. To most people that would sound like a common name but to Cameron Dallas' fans, it's not. Madison is Cameron's little cousin who also happens to be one o...
More Than Friends? ~ t.c by megan25__
More Than Friends? ~ t.cby m
Meet Veronica- Taylor Caniff's best friend who also has a tiny little crush on him. But when Taylor asks her to Magcon, will she finally confess her feelings or meet ano...
Family is All We Have Got || Shaylor Mpreg AU [BoyxBoy] by smokeykisses
Family is All We Have Got || s h a n
Taylor Caniff is a very successful celebrity. who wins the heart of many women, but he is on open gay, with his dream boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, a famous singer, who stays...
Baby Girl and Bandanna Boy by shortyyyxo
Baby Girl and Bandanna Boyby shortyyyxo
Taylor Caniff got famous before he knew he had a daughter on the way. Brooklyn Kays got pregnant at sixteen right before Taylor left town. Eventually, Taylor revisits C...