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Jordan p.o.v

I woke up and the other side of the bed was empty. I sighed and got out putting the covers back and walked out of the lonely room.

Once I made it downstairs I walked to the fridge and got out some eggs deciding to feed myself. As I got out the skillet I heard the door open and close. I sighed and continued like I didn't hear Taylor. I heard the tiles creak and I stored the eggs as the skillet popped with the yolk.

I felt arms wrap around my waist and I tensed. Since yesterday I don't know how to feel. He hit me...again. then left after yelling at me for it. It just does in a cycle.

I took his arms from around me and continued to stir the almost done eggs. I felt lips on my neck and sighed moving.

"Whats wrong now?" I turned around and studied his face . He looked like he's been put all night and he rinks of alcohol. I knew thats where he went.

"No Taylor were in a relationship now. We have to talk things out whether we like it or not. You cant just leave and expect to get makeup sex in the morning. That's when I was your toy... i think sometimes you forget that honestly." I breathed looking into his eyes. I've been dying to say this but havent been a good time.

"I don't forget."

I nodded and sighed running a hand through my curls. "Listen I'm sorry Jordan. I just needed to breath okay. You know I love you." I nodded and vuried my head in his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my head.

"Jordan I promis-" before he could finish I cut him off. "Taylor please don't make promises you can't keep. Because when you break them then it hurts beyond belief."

I heard silence and a knock breaking our embrace and walking toward the door. I opened it and was Taylor's mom smiling and walking in. She hugged me tight and linked our arms together and walked  to the kitchen.

"Taylor, I need  to steal your girlfriend for a hour or two, shopping!!"His mom yelled jumping up and down.

Taylor nodded and smiled. "Of course mom she just needs to take a shower and get dressed. Can you come back in like a hour or so. " Yea I haven't took a shower yet and I stink ha." His mom nodded and kissed Taylor's cheek. She walked out of the kitchen and Taylor took my hand and lead me up stairs.

He walked to our attached bathroom and turned on the shower. "I'm going to get some clothes and put them on the bed. Okay?" I nodded and started stripping making Taylor smirk. I pushed him out yhe door and closed it making him laugh from the other side.

Once I tested the water and got in letting the hot water run down my tense muscles. I didn't hear the door creak open and someone open the glass shower door.

I felt arms around my waist and kisses on my neck. He found my spot and I moaned and leaned my head against his chest. I felt him cup my breast and rub making adjust my legs.

"Oh baby, your so beautiful." He whispered in my ear.

I closed my eyes and whimpered feeling my throbbing core heat up. He turned me around and pushed me against the shower tile wall. He runner himself against me making me wetter. "You feel that?" I nodded and received a slap on my a#ss making me shriek.

"Speak when spoken to." He demanded stopping his movements.  "Yes daddy I feel that." He groaned and attacked my neck driving inot me with no prep. He grabbed my hands and pinned them against the tile intertwining them into mine.

He took deep fast strokes inside me making my breath hitch. "Whats my name?!" He groaned slamming harder inside me. "Daddy! Oh yes daddy!"

"Oh yes baby your so beautiful when im fu¢king you baby- I love you!" I repeated it and came grabbed Taylor's arms that were shaking as I felt him fill me up. He whimpered in my neck and bit it making me hiss. He pulled out slowly. He leaned his body against mine. He reached around the front of my body and grabbed my wet core rubbing making my legs shake. "T-Taylor! Ugh yes." I grabbed into his arm as i yelled to the top of my lungs.

I felt my stomach tense again and whimpered a 'close' and Taylor bit my ear and whispered. "Come for daddy."I came again this time  falling to floor when Taylor caught me.

"My mom is probably waiting." I nodded and he picked me up and carried me out the bathroom. He set me down and I smiled at the outfit and put it on.

Once i did my hair and got dressed I met Taylor's mom downstairs. I limped to the door having Taylor laughing as we left.

Once we got to the mall we shopped and just talked about my life.

"I cant believe your parents did that to you. I just don't understand really. Your so strong." I smiled and walked into H&M with her. After that we went to the food court just to talk and rest after that long exercise.

"Jordan I think we have a serious chat." She spoke sternly while putting down her bags on the floor.

"Now you know I grew fond of you and your a beautiful and intelligent girl. But I don't think you should keep dating taylor. I know , I know. I see the way he looks at you. You guys are in love. But taylor doesn't take his medication to help his bpd. He could hurt you worse then he has before. I know he hit you last night...  this keeps happening and im scared for your health-"

"Listen karen , I truly adore you and your a amazing mother but I love taylor and I dont think I could give him up that easy. I know sometimes he just gets angry and he can't control it. He doesnt mean it, okay he loves me. I love him okay."  I started to feel my nose burn which is a signal that I'm about to cry.

"Okay i thimk it's time I get you home."she sighed and grabbed her bags. I did the same and walked to her car. The whole car ride was silent and tense

Seeing the recent disagreement.

Once I got out i went upstairs and put down my stuff and laid down for a while letting the tears fall down.

He loves me right?

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