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Jordan p.o.v


I looked at Taylor's mom and my mind went on haywire.

His mom is seeing me naked

She probably thinks I'm a $lut

Bad first impression.

So I did the first thing that came to mind. Taylor was laying there still inside me and was staring at his mom. I slowly moved and pushed him out of me. I grabbed a large pillow and got up. "Sorry really bad first impression. I'm Jordan, your sons girlfriend. I'm going to go put on some clothes because I'm naked behind this really expensive pillow and I'll be down in like twenty minutes!!" I said as I ran my @ss out of there. Reaching the stairs I dove into my closet and picked out some clothes.

Taylor p.o.v

I hurried up and put on my boxers. "Mom-"

"Taylor she's really pretty, where did you find her?"

"Did you not just see us on the floor ten minutes ago?" I asked shocked that mother just ignored the fact that her 19 year old son was having sex with this girl that she doesn't know.

"Taylor I could care less if I did find you guys having sex. Not the first time but I'm just glad you got rid of that who're." My mother sighed happily as she sat on my couch. I chuckled and hugged my mother. "Havent visited you in a while." She nodded in my shoulder and kissed my cheek. "So you broke up with Sara finally."/my mother grinned patting my back, she let me go and I smiled.

"Yep, I kinda made some bad decisions mom with Jordan, didn't treat her the way a lady is supposed to be treated." I sighed my mother frowned and shook her head.

"Taylor please don't tell me you used her." I looked down and played with my fingers.

"I was confused mom, I thought I had feelings for her but I was still with Sara. I liked her a lot but me being the stubborn person I am, I ignored my feelings. Now I finally told her how I felt and I knew she felt the same way. Now we're together... but mom if I tell you this you can not freak out." My mother nodded and looked intensely into my eyes.

"Igotsarapregnant." I rushed out looking everywhere but my mom eyes.

"What, Taylor stop playing."

"Okay okay, Sara is pregnant and it may or may not be my baby....."

I felt a pain source through my cheek and quickly clamped it over my cheek.


"Taylor you mean to tell me that who're is pregnant!!-"

"Um sorry to interrupt." My mother looked at the voice that came from the entrance of the living room. "Oh it's okay sweetie! Okay I need to get to know you better! How about we go out for dinner!!!" Jordan was in my tie dye  sweatshirt and some black leggings.

"No-" "Yes" I looked at Jordan and she nodded. "Okay let me go get the car!!" My mother left and Jordan walked/limped over to me.

"You know what, I'm sore and I like your mom." She whispered sitting on my lap.

I nodded and pecked her lips. "I'm glad, she's just very crazy." I laughed making Jordan chuckle. I studied her face and seen a make up clear face. With a little Vaseline on her lips and her natural curls rolling down her back. "You look beautiful." I complimented caressing her face. She rolled her eyes and  I kissed her cheek. "You do , you always do." She looked unsure and I picked her up and thrown her over my shoulder. "Taylor put me down!!!" She yelled laughing hard at the end.

"Not until you say your beautiful!" She shook her head and pouted. "I let her go and caught her making her yelp and held onto me in a death grip. "Taylor stop!! Not funny!!" She yelled . "Say it and your safe."

"I'm okay." I did it again  and she yelled. "Okay okay I'm beautiful." I set her down and she slapped my chest. "Hey!" I Said clutching my chest making her laugh. "You two are too cute! Let me take a picture." My mother awed pulling out her phone. "Mom!!"/I whined watching Jordan strike a pose and laugh.

My mom was about to take the picture when I grabbed Jordan's face and kissed her making her run her hands through my hair. "That was amazing! Okay love birds I made reservations at Lashe' so Taylor go out on a suit and Jordan well I'm going to help you , come one."

My mother pulled Jordan up the stairs not without Jordan laughing and blowing a kiss at me.


I took a quick shower and put on a black suit with a black bow tie and my custom made shoes. I was kinda hoping Jordan wears something black or along that line so we can match. I walked out of my room and walked next door hearing them whispering. I knocked on the door and stepped back.

My mother opened the door and she had on a dark red long dress and her hair in a ponytail that was slicked back. My mom was only 34 so she was pretty young. "Shes coming out but go downstairs, she has to make a entrance!" I nodded chuckling and walking down the stairs.

I heard the stairs creak and long brown legs came into view and I licked my lips. She came down in a black and white two piece that hugged every curve. "Taylor you didn't tell me she looked like Nicki minaj." My mother laughed smiling at Jordan who just lightly blushed.

"Yep she is thick." I said coming over to her. I looked at her face and she had on makeup. "Why do you have on makeup?" I questioned letting her go. She doesn't need it at all so I don't want her wearing a lot of it.

"Your mom-""mom I don't want her wearing makeup." I said looking at my mom.

"It isn't a lot just some eyeliner, mascara, some foundation, also some lipstick. That's all." My mother said looking at Jordan's face. "Still that's a lot I don't care about mascara and lipstick just not all that carp, go take it off , now!" Jordan nodded and ran back up the stairs.

"Taylor, what's wrong with her?" My mother asked walking up to me. "Nothing , it's just she doesn't need cover her face with that carp ,she's beautiful without it. Mom you made her look like a Hooker!" I sighed feeling my temper rise. "Taylor!! Taylor have you been taking your medicine?" I rolled my eyes. "Why does it matter?"

"Because if you got mad just for her wearing makeup I'm pretty sure you done worse........have you ever hit her or something?" I looked down. I choked her more than once...

"No I haven't mom, I just yelled that's all okay can we get off  this subject."

My mother sighed and Jordan walked into the room and she smiled a little but and came toward me. Her face was beautiful. Just clear lip gloss and mascara ,better. 

"Now let's go."

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