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TAYLOR P.O.V (haven't got his point of view in a while ;) )

"I want you." I whispered in her ear while I slow deep tbrusts slowly into her. Hitting her spot making her arch her back and hit my chest. I groaned and kissed her parted lips and caught her moan. Jordan tangle her hands in mine and I pinned them above her head.

Thinking of Nash touching her made my teeth clench and I started thrusting faster and harder into her. I growled and bit her neck causing her to whimper. He's ducking dirty hands on her, touching and caressing her hips. Just thinking of him touching her thatwait made me slam repeatedly into Jordan.

She's mine!

He can't touch what's mine!

I will kill him if he lays a fingertip on her!-

I was brought out of my thoughts by Jordan scratching my back and moaning loudly.

"He can't touch you how I touch you." I caressed her inner thigh making her moan. "He can't thrust into like I do!" I thruster into her deeper making her eyes roll to the back of her head. "He certainly can't kiss you like I kiss you." I captured her lips in mine and felt my stomach tightening. I kissed her deeper and felt her juices spill into my throbbing ¢ock and I came inside her. I felt her whole body shake as I still thrusted into her. I slowed down as I our kisses did. I finally stopped when she bit my lip and pulled back and studied my face. I looked into her eyes, I don't love her.

I'm in love with her but its probably just the sex. It's nothing.

All those times where you got jealous when she came into a 50 mile radius of a boy is nothing.

I mean that's just because she's my toy.

Yeah sure...

I was snapped out of my thoughts by Jordan caressing my bottom lip with her thumb. She grinned slightly and I smiled down at her. I pulled slowly out making her whimper. "Stop Taylor your making me horny." I teasingly pushed back in making my di©k half hard. She glared and was about to open her mouth when her phone rang. She pushed me off of her and grabbed her phone.

"Hello!" She chirped into the line and a smile instantly appeared on her face. "Yeah I'm not busy." "Yeah I'm let me go in the next room." Before she could leave I grabbed the phone out of her hand and put it to my ear.


"Who in the hell is this?!" I sneered through the phone.

"Hey Taylor, it's Nash." I growled and glared at Jordan who was looking down at the ground. I was breathing hard and I wanted to punch something. I took the phone from my ear and grabbed Jordan's chin roughly. "Sex chamber now!" I sneered calmly. She scurried down stairs and I placed the phone on my ear.

"Stay the away from her or there will be consequences. Lay a single finger on her I swear you will be laying in your own blood the next morning do I make myself clear?" I whispered through the phone.

"Y-yes" he suttered through Jaila iPhone.

"Okay have a good life Nash." I hung up and stalked down stairs as I thought about what punishment I was going to give her. Then a thought came to mind and I smirked opening the door and funding Jordan sitting on the nd and playing with her fingers.

"Get your hands and knees.. NOW!" She did what she was told and was shaking. I chuckled and walked over to toy cabinet. I pulled out my whip and blindfold, closing it and putting walking slowly behind her.

"Do you know why your down here?" I asked while wrapping the blindfold around her eyes.

"Umm I was talking on the phone?" She mumbled shaking.

This girl is really clueless...

"Wrong answer." I whispered in her ear as I backed up and rubbed her naked a$$ cheeks . "Count you miss you start again."

"Wait wh-"

I slashed its the black whip against her mass making her body cry out in pain.


I whipped her again falling in love with how the whip sounds on her fat a$$.


"Do you know why I'm doing this Jordan?"I asked rubbing her red butt.


"To slow." I whipped her another three smirking evily. "F-f-five."

"You wanna take another shot sweetie?" I asked rubbing her a$$ again.

"B-ecause I-i was t-tlking to Na-sh?"

"Ding ding ding Jordan you got it right. Only five more to go."






By the time I was done , Jordan was breathing heavily and was crying. I picked her up and set her on my lap. "I'm sorry sweetie but you disobeyed me. That was your punishment." I spoke as I took off the blindfold.

She nodded and cupped as the tears came down hard. "You want me to put something on your sore butt?" She nodded and whipped her eyes with her knuckles. I nodded and carried her up stairs like a toddler.

Once we got there, I opened the bathroom and found the ointment. Bend yourself over my lap baby." She nodded and did as she was told. I started rubbing the cream on her butt as she would flinch and whimper each time me muttering an apology.

Once I was done I took her up stairs and dressed her in leggings and a tank top. ( A.n Sorry I needed something it's a army green tank top and leggings not the extra stuff.)


I watched as Jordan slept soundly. After today's events I have official accumulated feelings felt for my toy. I was interrupted by the doorbell ringing. I ran downstairs getting annoyed how the person was ringing it like he had no sense.

I swung the door open and spoke "What do you- Sara?.."

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