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Jordan p.o.v

I woke up being sore down there, I took Taylor's arm off of me and limped to the bathroom naked and took a quick shower . Once I got out I wrapped the plush towel around me and walked into the bedroom and Taylor was rubbing his eyes like a baby. I mentally cooed and went to the dresser and heard a whine. I turned around and saw Taylor making grabby hands at me like a little kid.

"Taylor your 18, what is wrong?" I asked putting my underwear on with my towel still on.

"You left me." He whined getting up.

"Well we have school." He nodded and walked to the bathroom.

I took off the white towel and put on my bra. I put on my outfit ( A.N up there^^^^)

I looked at myself and huffed, Your getting fatter.

I squeezed my eyes tight and just stood there trying to get away from the voices. I was interrupted out of dreaded thoughts by a shake and a chance concerned voice.

"Jordan are you okay, your ...crying?" He wiped them away and held me, tight. I didn't say anything I just listened to his comforting heartbeat. He slowly let go and looked at my face. He kissed my cheek and grabbed my hand and grabbed our backpacks.

Once we made it to the school, I looked at Taylor and he sighed and caressed my hand then spoke. "I'm going to have million look over you so nothing will happened, ill deal with Aaron." He looked at me and nodded. He got out and I took my backpack and walked in.

When we were going to his locker I turned to ask him something but it was a blonde, pretty, blue eyes, skinny. Perfect.

Taylor looked over her shoulder and he was blank. I ran away, down the hallway people were rolling their eyes while some gave me pitiful look. I went into the bathroom where no one goes. I walked to the mirror that was cracked and dirty with profanity and private parts. I reached behind the mirror and slide out a razor.

I smiled and played with razor sliding down the wall. Taking off my pants I slid them down to my ankles and immediately slicing the skin. I felt the pain making me bite my lip. The tears came down and i felt so weak.

I stopped when I realized my portrait was more than necessary. I cleaned up and I breathed out and decided to keep on going throughout the day. Ignore Taylor and her.

I got up and walked out going to second hour . I walked into science ignoring the researchers scolding and sitting in a vacant science table. That just so happens was behind the it couple.

Taylor turned around and looked at me and I looked down getting out my notes. He bit his lip and turned around with his arm around her. I sighed and began to take notes on neutrons and protons.


The rest of the day was filled with kisses and making out between the two that made me feel more angered and weak. Polar opposite emotions but I was feeling it.

Once it was the end of the day I walked to his car and watched him kiss her and walk over. He unlocked the door and I jumped in looking down at my lap as I heard him get in and sigh. "Jor-"

"Can you just drive me h-home please." I whimpered squeezing my eyes shut. He started the car and sped down the road.

As soon as he parked I jumped out and ran to door opening it and throwing my backpack on the ground and stomping up the stairs.

I heard the door slam and Taylor say. "I DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR PROBLEM IS? BUT YOU NEED TO FIX IT QUICK!!" He stomped up the stairs and in his bedroom where I was and he grabbed me and presssed me against the wall.

"Don't touch me! Go touch your girlfriend! Oh wait you were today!" As I pushed him away and he rolled his eyes.

"Don't start." Taylor growled walking across the room with his hand on his head.

"Don't start what, something I didn't start?" I said walking toward him.

"Jordan just please walk away and you want my get hurt."

"What are you going to do HIT ME?!?!" I yelled getting in his face and pushing his hard chest.


"Ohhhh I'm so scared!!!"


"Get you freaking life, grow up really you would never touch me!!!"


"I would love to see you try."


Next thing I know is that I'm up against the wall and Taylor has me by my hair. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against my left ear. "I told you that I might break, but what did you do push me and yell and scream and mock me. Tsk Tsk ......Such a naughty girl, disobeying my rules. Good thing I like naughty girls." Taylor kissed my ear and pushed me the on the bed. I looked at him in shock and watched as he yelled at me. "On your hands and knees, I want your butt sticking up in the air!" I did as of was told and my clothes were torn off of me.

Once I was naked and he had his underwear on his rubbed his di©k on my a$$ and leaned forward and whispered in my ear. "You wanna be daddy's co©k $lut?" He whispered pushing down his underwear and pushing the tip in. I moaned and nodded. "Be good for daddy." He pulled my hair and and pushed all of him in and my body shook with pleasure. "I hate you!" I yelled grabbing the sheets as the pleasure went through my body.

"Say... m-my name- oh your so tight around me" he moaned pulling on my hair harder making me yell. "TAYLOR!!" He leaned back and grabbed my hips as he slammed his large ©rock inside of me. "Wrong." He said reaching to my chest and pinched my sensitive nipple. I yelped and tried again. "DADDY!!" He grunted and leaned forward and whispered in my ear. "Good job baby."

He pulled out and laid down patting his lap. "Come ride daddy's c0ck." He stroked his di©k a little bit as I straddle him and grabbed him and he let out a throaty groan. I slipped his c0ck into my slippery hole and moaned as it hit the spot.

I flipped my hair out of my face and started bouncing on his member. I grabbed my tits and started squeezing and rubbed them making the pleasure even better. I started getting out of control that Taylor had to grab my hips and lay there and groan. I felt my stomach tightening and I spilled my juices into his c0ck and he did the same. We yelled together and Taylor laid there trying to gather his staggered breath.

"You... have to...Ride me ...again!"

I laughed and got off of him. "Just you have to explain to me why you-"

CLIFFHANGER U HATE ME IK but you guys almost killed me when I published that picture so here I updated. So u might hate it but I tried and I'm trying for my babies!! (You) so yeah. OMG SO YEAH MY BABIES THIS WILL NOT BE THE LAST AND IM SORRY IF I HAVENT UPDATED IN LIKE 800 years but I did today. When I said that her 'portrait was more than necessary' that she self harmed more than she needed to so yeah.
Enjoy and eat during reading this.

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