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"Oh Mija" my mom said in relief as she seen me enter the house.

"Where were you , me and Nya was worried sick " she said.

"Nya ?" I questioned .

"Yes, she's in the back sleep. She came over last night. I called her to ask if she had seen you" my mom said.

I love Nya , I really did but I couldn't stand to look at her in the face knowing what had happened last night with her brother. I always thought that when I lost my virginity, it would be something to discuss with my best friend, but since it was to her brother, it would be more awkward than anything.

"Ori, bitch!" Nya yelled catching both me and my mothers attention.

"Watch that mouth lil girl " Mom said eyeing her.

"Sorry Momma number 2 " she laughed before directing her attention back towards me .

"And you! You don't know how to call nobody! You had all of us worried" she said .

"I'm sorry guys, I just lost track of time with a friend and ended up falling asleep" I semi-lied.

"Mm, friend my ass" Nya said earning a smack from my mother.

"I won't even pry. Just let me know next time"my mom said walking away to the kitchen getting her some alcohol out the cabinet.

I sighed ..

"Nya, go home, I'll call you later" I said.

"I see you, kicking me out and ish, whatever tho. "She said followed by a laugh.

"Bye hunny" she waved dramatically.

I waited till she left and made my way to the kitchen to pour the bottle of alcohol my mother had.

"What the hell Ori" she raised her voice .

"Mom, drinking won't make our problems go away " I said .

"Temporarily it will" she joked.

"Mom , it's not funny " I screamed .
When she noticed how serious I was, her smile dropped. I wasn't going to let her become an alcoholic right before my eyes.

"Mija, you don't understand . I've failed all my children. My first son was killed , Chance is out there either dead or alive and then you ... I took away your only chance of going somewhere with your life" she said which informed me that she found out about my college fund.

"Mom , stop blaming yourself for every thing" was the only thing that came out my mouth as I approached her and hugged her.

" I love you" I whispered.

A few hours later, we were getting ready for bed.

I went to sleep with a lot on my mind, but the main thing that haunted me was the fact that I gave my innocence to someone whom I really didn't know, and the fact that it was my bestfriend brother ..

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