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"Happy Birthday Mom!" I yelled hopping on her back.

"Mija, stop" she said laughing while smacking my booty.

"48 ain't Neva looked no' betta" I said trying to imitate a southern accent.

"Thanks baby, " she laughed.

"Now come on over here and help me find something to eat " she said.

"No, we're going out mom" I said .

Chance told me to meet him at Gallegos
at 2:00pm today, so I had to persuade my mom to get out the house.

"Why would I pay for food when I can cook it better" she questioned.

"Please mom, it's your birthday and and I want to do something nice" I half lied .

"Fine, only because I love you " she said going to get dressed.

About 20 minutes later , my mom came out all ready.

"Where are we going " she asked.

"It's a surprise" I said.

"Well how am I supposed to drive their if I don't know where we're going little girl" she asked playfully.

"Gallegos " I said laughing.

"Alright then " she said

About 15 minutes later , we were at the restaurant. We went inside and I looked around to see if Chance was anywhere in sight. Not seeing him, I decided to text him.

"Where are you"

Before he could even respond I seen chance making his way to our table behind mom.

I smiled and waited till he got close enough .

"Happy Birthday beautiful" he said behind her causing her to jump.

"Who the hell-" she turned around and instantly got up.

She grabbed him and kissed him all over his face .

"I'm so sorry Mijo, I'm so sorry " she said through her tears.

"Mom, stop its alright"'he said smiling.

She grabbed his face as if she couldn't believe he was actually standing here.

"I missed you nino" she said drying her tears.

"Com'on , I got something to show yall" he said.

"We haven't even eaten, "my mom said wiping the rest of her tears.

"We can eat later, com'on" he said .

We followed him outside and he told us to trail him.

30 minutes later we pulled up to a large 2 story house.

Must be his house, I thought to myself.

"Com'on yall" he said

We went inside and the first thing I saw was a large chandelier hanging in between the double stair case.

This nigga living good I thought to myself.

He showed us around.

"So what yall think" he asked .

"It's beautiful Mijo , I'm glad you doing well " she said.

I simply nodded agreeing with her.

"I'm glad yall like it, cause it's a yours now" he said scratching his neck.

My mom hugged him tightly .

"You didn't have to do this, seeing you was enough for me " she said

"Just think of it as a gift for all the Christmas's and birthdays I missed" he said.

"Besides, I figured you'd need the extra room, for you know - when the baby comes" he said.

I hugged him . "Thank you" I said

We literally spent the rest of the day in our new house talking and catching up on things.

Chance filled mom in on what she had missed. She was in total shock when he said she had a granddaughter and another grandchild on the way. However, like me , she wasn't surprised when he told her that he had married Chelsea. Everyone pretty much knew they'd end up together.

Though we were missing Trevor , it was still good to spend time with my little family. It took my mind of a lot of things, especially Maleek.

Now that we had this house , there was no need to move in with him. The main reason he wanted me there was so that he'd be closer to his child and because it was a better neighborhood. Now that this home meets both his wishes, there was no reason for me to move in with him.

I was glad for that because I didn't want to be around him anymore than I had to be . It seem like every time I'm around him, he unintentionally does something to make me like him more and more each time and I didn't want to be lead on only to be heart broken in the end.

Although we're not together, it's bothered me to see him with her. But we're not together, so he's free to do anything he wants. His only obligations to me was when it concerned his child and I'd have to learn to live with that.

"Ori" chance said cutting me out my thoughts .

"What's up ,you over there zoning out" he said.

"Sorry, I'm fine" I said.

Both him and my mom side eyed me.

"Imma let it slide, but if it Maleek let me know. " he said.

"No Maleek's great" I said.

It was true.

Like I said before , his only concern with me was his child , and whenever I needed something he was there, so I had nothing to complain about.

My feelings are my feelings and I'd just have to deal with them.

"Alright then. Imma head out . I'll have the U-Haul bring all the stuff Tommorow " he said leaving .

"Goodnight" I said closing the door behind him.

I'd worry about baby daddy later , as of now I'm just going to enjoy this new house.

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