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A month later.

"Nya " I screeched as she put the last plaster strip on my now 8 month belly. She had been with me at my moms house for the past week and decided she wanted make a pregnancy cast.

"Shut up Ori , I'm almost done. " she said causing me to look at her like she had two heads.

"Excuse me" I said .

She busted out in laugher.

"I'm sorry , but stop complaining , we're making memories here, and plus you can show Mel how much she fucked up your figure when she's older. " she rambled.

I just stared at her. She's freaking crazy..
And also a spitting image of her brother.

Me and Maleek rarely talk at all unless it has something to do with the baby, and only see each other at appointments.

I missed him, but I believed that you cheat once, it'll happen again .

I refuse to be that girl that continuously does right by her man only to be done wrong behind my back.

Lost in my thoughts, I was bought back to reality when Nya shoved her phone in my face.

"What?" I questioned .

"Call him " Nya said.

"Nya no, there's nothing to talk about " I said pushing the phone away.

"Look Orianna, I know what Maleek was wrong for what he did, and trust me, he got an earful, but I'm tired of this hostility you have towards him. Whether you like it or not, he's going to be a part of your life for at least the next 18 years, and the key element of raising a child is communication, which y'all have been lacking lately. " she ranted .

"And besides it's clear that you two are in love with eachother-"

"I'm not in love" I said more to myself.

"Bullshit, Ori. We both no that's a lie. Oh and Maleek, don't get me started on him. Every time, I leave here, I'm bombarded with questions ... "How's Orianna doing" "did she say anything about me" "Is she still upset " " she said imitating Maleek's voice.

Next thing you know , I felt her finger wiping away a tear I didn't notice had fell.

Next thing you know I was in full blown tears.

"You're right Nya ... I love him so
Much" I said.

She pulled me in a hug .

"Just talk to him, I'm tired of seeing y'all asses mope around " she said causing me to chuckle a bit .

"Now wipe your face, we pretty bitches don't cry over the boys" she laughed .

"He'll be at your baby shower tomorrow, I invited hi-"

"Baby shower?" I questioned .

"Oh shit, you didn't hear that" she said.

I smiled, that's why she wanted to make this cast thingy.

"You guys planned me a surprise baby shower " I grinned.

Nya rolled her eyes.

"Shit Ori, just act surprised tomorrow . .. Your moms going to kill me. " she said.

"I promise she won't know that you told me " I said as I laughed .

"Good, now com'on , we going to Eat. " she said pulling off my cast and helping me up.

"I can't argue with that I laughed as we made our way out the door.

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