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"Nya, your no help at all" I whined changing my sun dress for the millionth time today.

"I can't wait for you to pop my damn niece out. Maybe you'll stop all the whining" she said standing up while walking to my closet .

We were getting ready for my "surprise" baby shower , and the plan was for Nya to come over and get me out the house, but since she slipped up, she's helping me choose an outfit.

"Here" she said handing me a simple yellow sundress.

"I'm not about to put on no damn yellow Nya" I stated .

She sighed.

"Just try it before you knock it Ori" she said throwing it at me .

Rolling my eyes , I slipped it on while struggling to bend over . Finally after what felt like a work out it was on and it actually looked pretty good.

I examined myself in the mirror .

"Your welcome" Nya rolled her eyes.

"whatever " I chuckled.

"Alright I think I'm ready" I said more to myself.

"Let's go" Nya said grabbing her keys off my dresser.

After grabbing her keys,  we headed downstairs and out the door .

"Okay let's practice" Nya said causing me to giggle .

Ever since she spilled the secret about my baby shower, she's been pressuring me to practice being surprised.

"Nya , your crazy " I laughed.

She sighed in defeat.

About 25 minutes later, we pulled in to what appeared to be an vacant building.

Getting out the car, I smiled.

"Ok bitch, when we walk up in here I want you to act like you just seen Jesus in the flesh" Nya exclaimed.

"You're going to hell Ny" I side eyed her.

She shrugged and proceeded to the door, as soon as we entered everyone jumped out as the lights came on and yelled surprise.

Although I knew about this , I didn't expect to see so many people here.  It truly was a surprise.

I looked around and seen many familiar faces along with unfamiliar , whom I assumed was Maleek's side of the family.

I begin to get emotional as I seen my mom make her way up to me.

"Mija you like it" she exclaimed.

"I love it guys thank you" I said wiping the tears of happiness from my eyes.

I began to look around noticing all the pink. On the wall next to a pile of gifts , was large letters that spelled Melina , right next to it was another table with several boxes of pampers along with a diaper cake. 

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