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Orianna R.

It was 12:00 in the afternoon and I had just woken up. Still not familiar with this new house, I prances around looking for the bathroom.

I did my hygiene and went downstairs only too see my mom and Maleek conversing.

Not wanting to be bothered , I slid in the kitchen and grabbed some water and made my way back upstairs to my room.

I plopped on my bed only to be joined a couple seconds later.

"Get off of me Maleek" I said .

"Naw, I'm comfortable " he said continuing to lay on me.

This is exactly what I meant when I said he had been extremely touchy lately.

"You couldn't speak, I know you seen me down there" he said

"I don't think your girlfriend would appreciate you touching all over another female like this, " I said rolling my eyes and ignoring his statement .

That caught his attention, causing him to get up.

"She must've been someone special if you introduced me as Nya's friend" I said.

"Man chill the fuck out "he said growing agitated.

"Whatever," I said.

"Ori, I came to chill, but if you gon have this stank ass attitude I can leave" he said.

"Bye , that's probably what your best at anyways, just like your probably gonna leave when my baby is here " I said, but automatically regretted it.

He looked at me like I had two heads.

"Man fuck you Ori . We ain't together . I don't know why you worried about what the fuck I'm doing anyways."

"And if I really wanted to leave, I would have been done that. Don't fucking call me unless it's about my child " he said storming out.

My mom must've heard the commotion because seconds later she came in here.

"What's going on ?" She questioned.

I sighed. "Is it wrong that I'm jealous" I asked her.

She looked at me with an raised eyebrow.

I explained everything leading up to today and she sighed.

"How is he supposed to know how you feel if you didn't say anything Mija?" she asked.

I guess she was right. I couldn't get reckless at the mouth when he was doing everything he was supposed to do regarding the baby.

"You need to apologize first, then tell him how you feel. " she continued .

"How do you feel about it mom.. You know... With him being 24 and everything?" I asked

"Hell who am I to judge, your dad was 11 years older than me, and boy was he a fine piece of chocolate . I don't know what it is with is Rodriguez women and black men "she laughed .

"Mom, stop " I laughed.

"But seriously, take into consideration what I said Mija , and good luck" she said.

"Alright" I said.

I sighed and before you know it I was out sleep .

7:30 , that night.

Since Maleek, refused to answer any of my calls, I decided to borrow moms car and go over to his house.

So here I am, deciding whether or not to knock on the door.

I sucked it up and knocked. Seconds later he appeared at the door shirtless.

Damn, .

"What" he said dryly .

"Can I come in" I asked .

He rubbed his hand over his face and let me in .

"I'm sorry" I blurted out.

He just stared at me blankly.

"I shouldn't have said what I did . I was just
upset. I didn't like seeing you with that whore and-" he laughed.

"Why she got to be a hoe" he asked chuckling.

"It's not funny, I j-just -"

"You feeling a nigga, ? Lemme find out " he cut me off.

"Why is everything a joke to you. I came over here tryna tell you how I feel and you laugh like everything is funny .. For get it I don't even know why I came" I said turning to leave.

He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Let me go" I said on the verge of crying.

"Com'on " he said pulling me up stairs.

I didn't want be around him right now, but he kept pulling me anyways.

He opened a room door and pulled me inside.

As I looked around , I noticed that it was a nursery. The walls was painted yellow, with beautiful wall decors. In the corner was a beautiful crib with "our angel " carved on the side. You could tell it wasn't finished, but it's understandable do to the fact that we didn't know what the gender was.

My thoughts were interrupted when I felt kisses on my neck.

"Alexis is an interior designer, that's why she's been around me lately" he said.

I felt embarrassed now. Here I was going crazy over some girl that was helping out designing our child's room.

I wiped my eyes and turned to face him.

"But you took her out that day . What was -"

"The girl had been working all day, I had to at least feed her" he said.

I guess that made sense.

"I'm sorry" I whispered.

He grabbed my face and bought his lips to mine. At first I didn't kiss back, but eventually I did.

I could do this all day.

He pulled away and pecked my lips one more time.

"If you ain't notice, daddy Maleek feeling you too " he said.

I laughed at that.

"Daddy Maleek " I said laughing.

He laughed. "So I guess this mean you my girl"

"Hmm.. I guess" I smiled

"On the real though, I ain't used to this whole relationship thing. You gotta work with me here Ori "he said.

"Baby steps Maleek , baby steps " I said.

He pulled me closer and kissed me again.

I could get used to this ....

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