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As I left Orianna's house , I decided to head over to Chances and try to make amends with him. I didn't know they were related, I wouldn't have fucked with her if I did.
He told me once about his sister and minter and how he hadn't seen them in years, but he never mentioned their names.

I was cut out of my thoughts as I pulled up to his crib . It was around nine so I knew Chelsea would be up there putting baby girl to sleep , giving me and Chance the opportunity to speak one on one.

I knocked on the door and he answered.

"What"he said with no emotion.

"Let me holla at you real quick" I said.

He sighed and let me in .

It was quiet .

"Talk nigga, I ain't got all night" he said.

"Look man, I ain't come here to fight or shit. ... Look I ain't know she was your sister alright? I would apologize for fucking around with her, but I ain't sorry" I said earning a look from him.

"Cause if we didn't I would have my blessing on the way, and I ain't apologizing for that. So if you wanna walk around acting like a bitch about it then, go on head mane" I said getting ready to leave.

"Man Maleek , don't hurt her" he said causing me to stop in my tracks.

He came up to me giving me a dap.

"And call me a bitch again, imma square your ass right in the jaw " he said causing me to laugh.

"Aight dawg" I laughed.

"So what's been up with you" he asked.

"Nun, I just got back from ya momma house" I said .

"She probably beat your ass"he laughed

"Naw, she was close to it though, we cool though" I responded .

"Chelsea's mom still fucking racist as hell " he said.

It was true, according to the things Chance had told me, Chelsea's mom couldn't stand the fact that Chelsea had chosen a black man to be with. Ever since those two started messing around in high school, her mother did everything in their power to break them apart. Claiming that Chance was beneath them and wasn't "worthy" of her daughter.

When Chelsea got pregnant with Kylee , that's when all hell broke loose. Her mother told her she'd have to abort the child or she'd completely be cut off . Finally , Chelsea gave up on trying to please her mother, and chose Chance. Her mother hadn't talk to her since . That was almost 5 years ago.

"What she say now "I asked him.

"She a real fucked up braud man" he said.

"Chelsea called her today in hope that she'd finally become the mother and grandmother to both her and Kylee and like always she had something to say" Chance spoke.

"Then Chelsea told her about the new baby on the way and basically begged the bitch to be around this time for her pregnancy" he continued on.

"Next thing you know she talkin bout.... "I wasn't around for the first nigger child what makes you think I'll be around for the next, you should have aborted both of them" .

"God damn, she woulda got cussed out" I said.

It's a shame Chelsea had to go through that.

"Believe me when I say I did" Chance said.

You could tell it was bothering him. He wouldn't admit it, but I knew it hurt him when Chelsea is hurt.

"Got my baby upstairs crying her damn eyes out" he continued to ramble.

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