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Still at Hospital


I looked at my mother attempting to speak but nothing came out.

"I see you all have things to discuss " Dr. DeLaCruz said before exiting the room.

It wasn't long before I heard yelling.

"Orianna fucking Rodriguez" my mom said through gritted teeth.

"What the hell do you know about raising a Damn child" she yelled

"Mom, I-"

"Shut up! I'm talking" she cut me off .

"Orianna ! I know I taught you better than this. You're only 18 how the hell you gon' raise a damn child when you still living under my roof. I hope you don't think that little job at the bakery gon' cut it "she continued to yell.

"I'm sorry" I said holding back tears.

"You weren't sorry when you were laying on your back Ori! God, I didn't even know you were having sex. I thought we told each other everything " she ranted on .

"Who the hell is the father Ori " my mom said angrily.

I looked at Nya as she stared back at me looking sorry for me. I couldn't say it . I just couldn't .

"Orianna answer the damn question !"

"I-I-I don't know" I said in a shaky tone.

"You don't know" she laughed but not a good one.

"So there's multiple guys Ori" she said in a sinister tone.

"Mom, no.. I just-" I said as tears spewed out my eyes.

"Ori, were you raped" she asked calming down .

"Mom no! " I said

"Then there must be multiple people your sleeping with. That's the only way you wouldn't know who the father is " she said as her tone increased.

I looked at Nya as she kept her head down fumbling with her fingers . I could tell she was uncomfortable being here right now .

"Mom, I'm not like that " I yelled as the tears continued to fall down my face.

"Then answer the damn question Ori , I'm not playing" she said angrily .

"Maleek" I said earning a questioning look from Nya. I could tell she wanted to know if I was talking about her brother

"Maleek who ? As in Nya's grown ass brother" my mom said.

They both looked at me waiting for a answer.

"Yes" I said as I put my head down . I heard my mother get up and leave the room and I looked at Nya who still seemed to be in shock .

What have I gotten myself into?

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