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I pulled up to Ori's house five minutes t'll eight . I got my phone out and texted her to let her know I was outside.

As I waited I looked around, wondering what a girl like Orianna was doing in a neighborhood like this one. Ain't nothing 'round here but crackheads and prostitutes and I knew that due to the fact me and Chance make drops over here all the time.

I was interrupted the sound of a door opening. I looked up to see Orianna come out followed my her mother.

Ori made her way to my car as her mother watched. I waved at her mother just to be nice but I was surprised when she rolled her eyes and closed the door.


Ori opened the car door and got in . It was a awkward silence ..

"What's up, "I said breaking the silence and continue to drive .

"Where are we going" she said ignoring my previous question

"Look, you can drop the attitude. You the one who wanted to talk so that's what we gon go do" I said slightly irritated.

"Sorry" she mumbled quietly.

A few minutes later, we pulled up to one of my favorite chicken spots at we got out and made our way inside.

We sat down at a booth and the silence remained.

"Ori, what do you want " I asked looking at the menu.

"Nothing" she responded.

I just sighed. She was really starting to get on my nerves.

When the waiter came, I ordered myself a 10 piece buffalo wings, and ordered Ori the same.

"I said I didn't want anything."she mumbled .

"Oh well" I said irritated.

I wasn't about to eat in her face.

It had been about ten minutes before the food came and in that time we made small talk.

I was starting to think that whatever she called me here for wasn't that important and that she just wanted an excuse to chill with me. But whatever she thought was going to happen between us it wasn't. She was only 18 and that's my sisters friend. As much as I would love to be in between her legs again, it couldn't happen, I didn't want her getting any ideas.

The waitress set the food down and I watched as Ori ate like it was the last meal she'd ever have.

"I thought you didn't want none"I chuckled as I began to eat.

"I didn't" she mumbled again.

She really gon' have to stop all this mumblin' shit.

"Sure seems like you do" I laughed.

She looked down and started fumbling with her hands , looking nervous.

"That's probably because I'm eating for two " she blurted out causing my head to snap towards her.

"What'chu tryna say " I asked .

"I'm pregnant "she said with her head down

"It's yours" she continued.

This shit right here caught me off guard. I mean that baby could be any bodies. She could have been lying about being a virgin I thought .

"Please say something" she whined.

"How much you need" I asked her pulling out my wallet.

"Excuse me" she questioned.

"For an abortion, how mu-" I was cut off by Ori .

"Take me the fuck home" she said gaining the attention of the customers around us.

She got up and stormed out the restaurant and I followed behind her . She got in the car and I followed then pulled off.

I noticed her tear stained cheeks.

"Look Ori-"

"I'm not aborting my child Maleek" she said as she continued to cry.

"Orianna, I'm not ready for kids yet, and your only 18 . Don't you want to enjoy your youth? " I asked trying to sympathize with her.

"And you think I'm ready for a damn child?!" She yelled

"No , I'm not . But whether I like it or not I got to get ready! " she continued to yell as tears fell.

I pulled the car over in an empty parking lot so we could talk.

"Take me home!" She gritted.

"Look, Orianna . I'm sorry aight. " I said .

"Fuck your sorry" she said calming down a bit.

I sighed trying to stay calm.

"Forget I even suggested that" I said .

"Trust me, I never considered it. I'll raise my child without you" she said.

"You ain't got to do that , that's my child too" I responded.

"Just a minute ago, your begging me to get an abortion and now your trying to play Mr Responsible" she said drying her eyes.

"Like I said, forget I even said that " I said.

The mood that was once tense became very calm.

It was an awkward silence before I broke it.

"Is it a boy or a girl " I asked her .

She looked at me and laughed a bit.

"I'm only. Five weeks. I have to wait until at least 5 months to know the gender" she said.

"Oh" I said feeling dumb.

"Orianna, how we gon tell everyone" I asked.

"My mom and Nya already knows. It's just your mom that doesn't " she said.

"Nya knew and didn't find it necessary to tell me" I asked her.

"Don't be mad at her , she wanted to but I made her promise not to" she said

I sighed before feeling her stomach, which caught her off guard.

"It's hard" I said.

"Well that's what happens when you're pregnant "

"Don't get smart little girl" I laughed emphasizing the little because of her age.

She smiled and turned her head .

"Take me home now please" she said.

"I'm tired" she yawned.

We drove to her house in silence. As I pulled up to her house, she opened the door and began to get out. I gently grabbed her arm before speaking.

"I meant what I said, I'm gonna be there for my child"

"I know" she responded .

"Goodnight "I told her as she went to her door and went inside.

A nigga about to be a father , I thought to myself. Wait till Chance hear this shit..

But what Maleek didn't know was that he had impregnated Chance's baby sister.

Maleek in MM.

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