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I pulled up to Chance house and saw him sitting on the porch with his daughter Kylee.

"Uncle Leek!" she exclaimed running up to me. I stooped down to pick her then kissed her cheek. "Uncle Leek, you never see me anymore" she continued.

"Baby, your uncle a busy man" I replied.

"Nuh Uh, no ones ever too busy to see me uncle." She ranted on.

Before I could even respond Chance interfered "Girl gon' in there with your Mama" he said. I sat her down and watched her skip in the house as I laugh.

"Man you sure that's yo child, she barley got any tint of brown to her, she looking just like her momma ;a snow bunny except with nappy hair" I laughed.

"Man leave my babies alone, with yo' lonely ass" he stated with a salty tone.

"Naw, man but foreal we got some things to discuss" I stated more seriously. "What's up" he said.

"We been running low on supply lately" I said . "Okay call the plug, order some more.. I don't see the problem" he stated.

"That's exactly the problem, we don't never run short" I stated. "Man whatchu' tryna say, someone stealing our shit" he responded.

"That's what it look like.. Bruh we got a snake on our team" I stated . "You know we gon' find out who it is, them niggas ain't no where near slick. Don't worry bout' its" he stated calmly.

"You right" I said as he began to make his way inside the house as I followed him.

Chelsea! He yelled out as he got inside. "Boy if you don't stop all that damn yelling imma-" she stopped talking once she seen me. "Oh hey, Leek she said making her way towards me. "Girl yo ass crazy" I chuckled pulling her into a hug.

It was true, people underestimated her due to the simple fact she was white , but once they get a taste of her, they know not to never mess with her again. Behind all her craziness , she was the most loving person you could meet. She stayed with my nigga Chance through everything despite all the wrong he did to her in the past. It wasn't until he got locked up on drug charges that he realized that he had to wife Chelsea. She held him down the whole two years he was in the pen, and shortly after he got out he asked her to be his girl, then a year later came baby Kylee. They been rocking for about 4years now.

"Where baby girl at" Chance asked Chelsea. "I put her to sleep, and I'd like you to do the same to me" she whispered loud enough that I heard.

"Nasty asses, don't you see I'm still here" I said with disgust. "Boy, you just mad you ain't got no girl to go home to and lie the pipe down" Chance said while laughing.

"Man, I got plenty of hoes" I responded. "Sleeping around gets old hunny, sooner or later you gon' want someone to come home to" Chelsea continued.

"Man save me the speech Chelsea. But I'm about to head out , make sure y'all use protection, I ain't tryna be an uncle to two, Ky already breaking my bank account" I laughed. "Man gon' somewhere boy" Chance said right before I left out the door making my way to my mamas house.

Chelsea, Chance and Kylee in the media.

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