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1 Month Later ..

Things had been going well for me. It's been a whole month and in that month I managed to get a part-time job at a local bakery. It was not much, but it still helped me bring food into our home.

I hadn't heard or spoke to Maleek ever since that night and I really didn't want to. However, that event didn't alter the relationship between me and Nya and that's because I hadn't told her. I wanted too so bad, but I didn't want to risk losing the only friend I had. Yeah, I had made a few friends at my job, but none of them compared to Nya .

I got up and made my way to the kitchen to help my mom prepare dinner for tonight.

"Mom, what do you want me to do" I asked her picking at the meat she already had done.

"Baby , you better get your hands out that meat" she laughed.

"Sorry, I'm just hungry" I laughed with her .

"You're always hungry , Mija . You better stop eating before you gain some more weight" she laughed.

"Gain more?" I said slightly offended.

"Yeah, no offense hunny , but your thickening out. Your still beautiful baby. Every man love a woman with some meat on her bones" she ranted .

"Whatever mom " I laughed .

"Here, now cut these onions" she said .

I had finished cutting the onions as I made my way to the stove . All of a sudden I had start feeling really hot.

"Mom, open the window " I said

"Ori, all the windows are open"

"Mom, I'm going to sit down, it's really hot" I said becoming dizzy.

I found myself stumbling on the way to the couch.

"Baby, your okay?" My mom asked

That was the last thing I heard before feeling my self fall and everything go black.


At Hospital

I was awakened by the sound of beeping machines. I must be at the hospital I thought to myself before opening my eyes.

"Mom, number two ! She's awake" I heard Nya's voice say.

My moms forever calling Nya when something wrong for me and she's always there. She's a true ride or die. I laughed to myself.

"Mija," she said making her way towards me and kissing my face all over.

"Don't scare me again like that" she continued .

"Mom, what did the doctors say" I said

"There not sure, they're running test " Nya answered for her.

"I-" I was cut off as the female doctor made her way in.

Hi, I'm Doctor DeLacruz and I'm guessing your miss Orianna Rodriguez" she said directing her attention towards me.
I nodded before she turned and acknowledged both Nya and my mom .

"Well your mom said that you had fainted due to you being to hot. Although that is part of the reason, I think the primary reason is that your about 5 weeks pregnant" she said.

Earning shocked looks from both my mother and Nya , I froze.

Pregnant ... Was all I remember her saying.

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