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I ain't gon' ask you again young nigga, where the fuck my money at? "Look man I-I just need a few more--BAM! He was cut off by the bullet from my caliber penetrating his skull. "Have the trap clean bout' time I'm get back" I said to my workers as I made my way out the door. This about the third youngin' I had to pop this week. These cats out here tend to believe they won't be found, but when it comes to my money, you betta believe imma hunt your ass down to get mine. E'rry now and then I'll cut 'em some slack 'cus I know theirs niggas outchea that desperately need money to provide for their family and knowing the feeling of not being able to is all too familiar to me. When I was just sixteen, my father died of two gunshot wounds to the chest leaving me, my mother and little sister Nya struggling financially. Being the man of the house, I felt as if it was my responsibility to make sure they had everything the needed and wanted so I started doing what any other nigga my age would've done: sell dope. Now at the age of 24, I'm sitting at the top of the throne along with my day 1 nigga, Chance.

Maleek in media..

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