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2 weeks later


I stood in the mirror sideways. I actually was starting to look and feel pregnant. I sighed at sat down.

My moms birthday was tommorow and Chance had been blowing up my phone on where to be at tomorrow . He must of been going all out.

Besides that, things had been going good in my life so far. Me and Maleek had become a lot closer since the doctors visit both physically and emotionally. By physically, I mean that he's been a lot more touchy lately, and I would be lying if I said I didn't like it.

Maleek was really starting to grow on me and my emotions and I didn't know whether or not it was a good thing. We were supposed to be co-parents for this child , but is it wrong that I wanted more than that?

But who wants a girl 6 years younger than them?

He had also been pestering me about moving in with him. Two weeks ago, the answer was completed a no, but if you ask me now, I was seriously considering it. Truthfully , I had already decided that I was going to, but I just didn't know how to break it to my mom.

Despite all that, I still found time to have fun before the baby come.

Since it had been weeks since me and Nya hung out, we decided to go bowling tonight, and then dinner.

As of right now I was waiting on her to come pick me up.

After waiting about 10 more minutes I heard a car honk .

I went outside and made my way to her car door.

"Hey bitch,long time no see" Nya said jokingly.

"Really Nya " I side eyed her causing her to laugh.

As we drove we caught up on things that she missed out on during the few weeks away from eachother.

"So how are you and my brother" she asked

"We're cool, getting along just fine. " I said.

"That's good, because he was going to get the hands if he wasn't. " she said.

I laughed . "We've finally got comfortable around eachother ." I continued on.

"Well that's good, for the sake of my niece" she said.

Nya swore I was having a baby girl. No matter how many times that I told her it could be a boy, she was persistent on it being a girl.

"I hope it's a boy, just cause you keep saying its a girl" I laughed.

"Whatever" she mumbled .

We had finally pulled up to the bowling alley and went in.

We payed for our shoes and began to bowl.

"Com'on mothafuckkka!" Nya screamed as she rolled the ball in hopes to make a strike.

"Nya calm down , people are watching" I said laughing.

"Ain't no one worried bout them, I'm worried bout woopin, you in this game" she said.

"Not gon happen," I said laughing .

It was 137 to 62. It was safe to say that she sucked at bowling.

We had finally finished that last round and we're leaving to go find something to eat.

"So preggers, what is my niece craving" she asked.

I rolled my eyes and responded.

"Chicken, we want some Popeyes" I said.

"I see you letting your black side show, always eating that Mexican shit" she laughed

"Whatever " I chuckled.

We pulled up to Popeyes and went in and ordered.

"Damn girl slow down " Nya said as I grabbed at the chicken .

"I haven't ate all day " I said.

Before she had the chance to speak we was interrupted.

"Aye ,yall" I turned to see Maleek walk in but he wasn't alone. Following behind him was a beautiful brown skin girl.

"What's up yall" Maleek said.

"Hi, " I said looking away.

"Who is she" Nya said ignoring him.

"Oh, Alexis this is my sister Nya and her friend Ori" Maleek said.

Her friend ?

"My friend? I think you forgot that she's the mother of-" I kicked Nya underneath the table telling her to shutup.

"Nice to meet you" the girl said .

Nya rolled her eyes and I just stayed quiet.

"Aight we gon go order" he said grabbing the girl.

"Nya let's go" I said.

"I ought to beat his ass for that" she said getting ready to leave.

"It's fine , really... Let's just go" I said .

I didn't want to see him cupcake with that girl.

We drove in silence for the most part .

"You alright " Nya asked noticing my silence

"Yeah" I said dryly.

A few minutes later we pulled up to my house .

"Goodnight girl" I said forcing a smile on my face.

"Goodnight, Ori" she said as she pulled off.

I went in the house and got ready for bed.

I peeked in my moms room only to see that she was sleep.

Going to my room , I laid a bed and sighed .

I honestly thought the way things were going with me and Maleek that he was actually feeling me. That theory was proved wrong when he bought that girl all up in my face and acted as if we barley knew each other.

Maybe I should just stick to co-parenting.

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