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Turning to my side to get in a more comfortable position, I came face to face with a sleeping Maleek. Instantly, I began to blush remembering last night activities .

Over these past 7months or so, I had developed deep feelings for Maleek, and found myself always wanting to be near him.

I don't know exactly what these feelings were, but all I knew is I couldn't fathom loosing him.

"Stop staring, it's rude" Maleek said with his eyes still closed.

Laughing, he rolled over and kissed my stomach then me.

"I bet you slept good last night" he said causing me to blush.

"Stop" I said shyly.

"Ain't no need to be shy baby , " he teased me.

I rolled my eyes and got out of bed.

Sliding on a tank top , I watched Maleek stare at me.

" what ?" I questioned.

"Didn't it feel awkward last night" he asked .

"You know, being pregnant and
everything?" He continued.

I laughed . "Kind of" I responded .

He nodded and didn't say anything.

"What's wrong" I asked .

"I'm good" he said standing up displaying everything.

"Maleek!" I screamed.

"Put some clothes on" I continued earning a laugh from him.

"It ain't like you ain't seen it already" he laugh walking to the bathroom completely naked.

While changing the bed spread, I heard a buzzing noise. Noticing it was Maleek's phone and Not wanting to be the insecure girlfriend, I decided against snooping.

It wasn't until his phone was going crazy that I decided to go grab it .

Maybe it was an emergency.

Grabbing his phone it said 12 missed calls from Brianna and text messages.


"Had fun yesterday, maybe we could do it again" one text read.

"Maybe it's a cousin or something " I thought pushing all the negative thoughts out my head.

Hearing Maleek getting out the shower , I quickly threw his phone back on the night stand and continued to do what I was doing before .

"Aye baby, you seen my phone " he said

"On the night stand. "I responded.

Watching him pick up his phone, I seen his face turn into a frown.

"What's wrong Leek" I said ignoring the fact that I'd already seen what he's reading.

"Nothing ," he said.

"Are you sure" I said trying to pry a little bit more.

"Yeah I'm alright" he said making his way closer to me.

"What you doing today" he asked me.

"Probably just lounge around the house, maybe invite Nya over" I responded nonchalantly.

"Well call her and tell her not to come because ya' man is spending the day with you" he said.

"And what exactly do you have planned mr" I laughed.

"None of yo business , just get ready " he said.

I watched him walk out the room leaving me to get ready.

I decided on going simple , wearing a peach sundress with a blue jean jacket with my white sandles. After wards I waddled to the bathroom to find me a hair tie and then threw my hair up.

Making my way downstairs I heard Maleek conversing on the phone with some one, not able to actually hear what was being said, I made my presence known causing Maleek to
hang up and smiled up at me.

"Let's go"he said.

"Maleek who was that" I said already knowing it was that Brianna girl from the text messages.

Why else would he hang up so quick?

"Just moms checking up on me" he said .

"Don't fucking lie to me. Who is Brianna " I asked getting angry. .

"Man Ori , what is you talking about" he said.

Instantly tears streamed down my face , now I knew for a fact that something happened between the two. He acting like he don't even know the girl .

"Stop playing games Maleek , I already seen the messages, whoever that hoe is said she had fun last night , " I said still crying.

"Where were you" I yelled.

"Look man, I'm sorry alright , it wasn't supposed to happen -I just-" I cut him off.

"You slept with her" I asked with my voice cracking.

His silence confirmed it.

"You nasty bitch" I said picking up the first thing I saw , which happened to be a lamp and threw it at him.

"Ori calm the hell down, you still carrying my child " he said dodging everything being thrown at him .

"You wasn't thing about Mel when you was fucking around with that hoe" I yelled now swinging at him.

"Nasty ass! You had the nerves to sleep with her then come home and sleep with me hours later. Disrespectful bitch" I yelled in his face .

"Man chill the fuck out "his voice boomed.

Causing me to get silent.

"Now what you not gon 'do is put your hands on me" he said holding me by my wrist.

"Fuck you " I spat pulling out his grip.

Grabbing the first pair of keys I saw, I made my way out the door with Maleek hot on my trail.

"Where you going , I wasn't done talking" he said.

"Well I am" I said hopping in his car .

"Unlock the damn door "he said wiggling on the handle. Ignoring him, I pulled off leaving him in the drive way .

"Driving to my moms house, I parked and got out and knocked on her door.

Opening she smiled looking at me.

"Mija!," she exclaimed excitedly .

I hadn't physically seen her in almost 3 weeks, but we talked everyday.

"Look at you, Melina's getting big in there" she said running on my stomach.

I just smiled slightly at her.

She stared at me, studying my face.

"You've been crying Mija , what's wrong" she asked with a worried expression.

All of sudden a rush of emotion came over me once again as I explained to her what had happened .

"Baby, I can't say I know how you feel, but you can't let him stress you out like this, it's not healthy" she explained rubbing her fingers through my hair.

I just nodded in respond.

After drying my tears, we sat in comfortable silence.

I laid  back contemplating on today's events .

I wish I never fell in love with him, maybe it wouldn't hurt this bad.

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