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Maleek had left, slamming the door on his way out.

"Get the fuck out" chance yelled.

"Man this ain't even yo hous-"

"Get out" he yelled again interrupting whoever the guy was speaking.

They left the house and Chance turned to me.

He came up to me and hugged me tightly.

I felt the tears run down my cheek as I hugged him back.

"I missed you" I whispered .

"Look at you.. It's been like 4 years" he said grinning .

I just laughed in response as I noticed his eyes travel to my stomach.

"So you really pregnant huh? " he asked while slightly frowning.

"Yeah" I mumbled

"Imma woop that nigga ass" he mumbled to himself.

"Don't be mad...It isn't just his fault" I said quickly .

He sighed, dismissing the subject

"How's mom" he asked hesitantly.

"Fine, she misses you " I responded

He scoffed. "Please.. I bet she's happy to have another drug dealer out of her life" he said.

"That's not true Chance! She was scared for you. The same shit you're doing right now is what killed Trevor and Dad" I said slightly agitated.

"Calm down Ori okay? I just don't think she would want to see me" he said.

"Chance, you have to go see her. Let her know you're alive. I think she's come to the sense that your dead. Hell I almost believed it myself" I said.

"Fine, Ill be there tomorrow with Kylee . Don't tell her " he sighed heavily.

"Who's Kylee" I asked

He pulled out his phone before showing me a picture.

"She's your niece " he said showing me the photo .

"Oh my god Chance" I said covering my mouth.

He chuckled .

"Yup, you're an aunt. My little niece or nephew in there already got a cousin" he said touching my stomach.

As he pulled his hands back I noticed a wedding band on his finger.

"Who's the lucky lady" I asked

"You already know " he chuckled

"Chelsea" I questioned .

He nodded.

"I always knew you two would end up together, despite the fact that you was a complete ass hole" I said.

"I love that girl to death" he responded laughing .

I smiled . I hoped to find a love like that one day.

"Here let me give you my number so I'll know when you're comin over ." I said handing him my number .

He got up and hugged me.

"See you Tommorow, we got a lot of things to catch up on " he said smiling.

"Love you " I said as we parted ways.

Today was quite a day.

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