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It was now midnight and Nya had fell asleep on me. I was bored as ever so I decided to wake her up. I silently got off the bed and jumped on her .

"Oh Shi-!" She was cut off due to the fact she had fallen off the bad.

"Ori, imma whoop your ass. Interrupting my beauty rest like that. " she stated angrily .

"That's what you get for falling asleep on me. How you going to invite me over then fall asleep" I stated as a continuously laughed.

She rolled her eyes before mumbling something.

"Speak up darling dear, I can't hear all that smack you talking" I laughed as I through a pillow at her.

"I said" she paused before speaking over dramatically .." You act like a damn angel in front of my people. Got my mom and brother fooled" she stated as she yawned.

I just laughed in response. "It's called being respectful" I said

"Respectful my ass" she mumbled .

It was an awkward silence, before spoke up.

"How old is your brother anyways" I found my self asking out of curiosity.

She turned to me with a devious smirk on her face before responding.

"Ooooooo! Now I know miss innocent Ori ain't interested in boys now. One that happens to be my brother" she said

"W-what no! I was just asking , he seems like a cool person" I said slightly embarrassed.

"Ya know, it's okay if you want him, although he's 24 it would be great to have you as a sister in-law. Then yall can pop me out some nappy headed nieces and nephews then-" she ranted with a smirk.

"Nya stop! Just forget I asked " I said cutting her off.

"Whatever you say , don't say I didnt try" she continued to laugh.

I sighed in defeat .

"Okay, okay I'm done" she laughed .
"But on the real , why the hell you wake me up, I was getting that good deep sleep" she continued.

"Go back to sleep then, you lame" I said.

"Says the person who refused to party on her graduation" she said

"Whatever " I said as I climbed back on the bed letting sleep take over .


Bye Mama Aniya , I said as me and Nya made our way out the door.

After a long day with Nya, she was finally taking me home. We both made our way to the door and got in her car.

"We gotta due this again bae" Nya said.
"And I'll make sure my brother there tho time " she laughed

"Nya stop is not funny" she said as my face reddened .

"Look at yo' high yellow ass, you red as a tomato" she said

I looked out the window slightly offended by her accusation.

A few minutes later, I realized we were back in my slummy neighborhood. Being here made me sick to my stomach. There's nothing but gangbangers, and prostitutes that surround this neighborhood and I was determined to be more and to do more with myself. Although, I can't stand living here, I would never let my mother know that. I knew she worked real hard just for us to stay here in this place, she damn near breaks her back to put food on the table for me and herself and love her for that. But does it hurt to want more?

I was broke out of my thoughts when the car stopped. I heard Nya sigh before giving me a hug goodbye.

"Don't think about it too much girl, " she said as I got out the car.

"Bye Nya , love you" I responded.
She blew me a kiss and proceeded down the road. I made my way to the front door and opened it .

"Mama"! I yelled out when I didn't see her in sight. Just as I was about to yell out again, she stumbled to the living room.
"H-h-hey bab-by" she slurred her words.
I just stared at her as she continue to stumble towards me.

"Dinners on the t-t-table- oh wait, there's nothing there . I g-guess were g-going to b-b-bed hungry again. " she laughed sarcastically while slurring her words.

"M-mom, are you drunk" I asked . It was completely unlike her to get drunk, let alone drink.

"No,no baby, just tipsy... Okay I'm drunk" she laughed .

"Mom what's wrong , " I said on the verge of tears.

"Mija do you reaaaaly want to know what's wrong," she slurred .

"I'm fucking tired, of this! It's hard to get a decent meal on the table and now this" she ranted in her drunken state.

"W-what are you talking about" I asked

"Ori pack your damn bags, because guess what!?" She said sarcastically .

"Were officially been evicted " she said as she broke down.

"Mom, how much" . She just continued to cry.

I lead her to the bed and laid down with her in my arms until she finally fell asleep.

I got up slowly and made my way to her room where she kept all her bank information. As I started to look through I noticed the eviction letter that read "3,400 due by tomorrow". I sighed and continued to rummage through the room until I found what I was looking for. "Ori's tuition savings" is what the envelope said. I sighed and removed the money from the envelope and counted it.

"3,745" I said to myself.
I made my way to the bus station and made the long trip across town to our land lord office.

"Miss Landry " I said as I approached her office

"I hope your here to pay your damn rent" she snarled . "I'm tired of giving your mom all these extended times" she ranted on .

I sighed and handed her the 3,400.

"About damn time" she mumbled .

"Carry on now" she said rudely.

After leaving her office, I used the remaining 347 and bought a few groceries and made my way back home.

I went straight to my room and cried myself to sleep...

"The chances of me going to college were completely flushed down the drain"

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