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"Man that trick stupid" I said causing Ori to laugh .

Right now we were later up on the couch watching Insidious: Chapter 3 and it was by far the stupidest movie I've ever seen.

"Shutup and watch the movie" Ori said.

"Didn't that physic lady tell her that if she calls out to one spirit, they all can hear. She got what she deserve" I said.

She grabbed the remote and turned it off.

"I see I have to watch it without you around "she laughed.

She got off of me and walked to the kitchen. I watched her as she walked away from me and instantly became turned on .

She had moved in about two weeks ago and You could tell she had become comfortable around me because lately she had been walking around in these little ass clothes.

Like right now, she was wearing some little ass spandex shorts with a Nike sports bra and her hair wild all over. Even with her now visible baby bump, she still looked good. The weight she did put on due to pregnancy was doing her justice .

I walked up behind her and turned her around. I grabbed her face and kissed her and instantly deepened it. It soon became intense and I decided to try a take it a bit further.

Moving my lips from her mouth, I began trailing kisses down her neck. I grabbed her behind and pulled her closer to me.

"Maleek , stop" Ori said.

I sighed .

"I-I'm sorry, I'm just not ready for that yet " she said

"You gotta stop teasing me man" I laughed.

"What?" She questioned.

She's so innocent. She don't know them little ass clothes she got on got a nigga on hard 24/7.

I laughed and kissed her.

"Never mind " I said.

"Let's go get ready" I told her.

Today was the day where we found out what the gender of the baby was and a nigga was low key happy. Although a little boy would be nice, I would be happy with a girl also. As long as my baby was healthy.

"I'm so excited" she said smiling as she turned sideways in the mirror.

That's something she's been doing lately, staring at her growing stomach . I looked at her waiting for her to ask the question she'd always ask when she examined her belly.

"Do I look fat?"


"No, you look pregnant, now go get dressed" I said smacking her behind causing her to jump.

An hour later, we were both dressed and ready to leave the house.

"Can we stop and McDonald's "she asked.


"Maleek. I'm serious " she said .

"Me too, you don't need that junk" I said.

I seen tears forming in her eyes.


"Com'on" I said grabbing her hand.

"Don't touch me, " she said storming to the car.

I just chuckled. She'd get over it in about half an hour.

The whole ride their was silent, and a that could be heard was Fetty Waps "679".

We pulled up to the clinic and went inside.

We made our way to Dr. Delacruz office and waited.

"You ready to find out what we having" I said rubbing her stomach.

"Yeah. I'm also ready to devour some french fries" she said.

"Girl, you something else. You gon learn-" I was interrupted when her doctor came in.

"Hey mommy and daddy, let's get started" she said .

Like before, she placed the gel and put the tool on Orianna's stomach so that it would display on the screen.

Looking up at the screen, I could tell that the baby was growing and actually beginning to look like a baby.

She began to move the Doppler around and a few minutes later she spoke up.

"Well, there's a healthy baby girl in there growing" she said.

Baby girl .

I looked down at Orianna smiling.

"Everyone kept saying it was a girl too Maleek . I'm so excited" she said wiping her eyes of the few tears that fell.

It may have not shown on the outside , but in the inside a brother was more than happy.

"I guess I'm going to be fighting off a lot of young niggas in the future" I said earning a laugh from them both .

I was serious though ...

"Watch your mouth " Ori laughed.

She got off the table and pulled her shirt down.

"You two have a nice day, don't forget to refill your prenatals" Dr. Delacruz said exiting the room .

"Let's go baby mama" I said grabbing her hand.

"You gon' stop calling me that. " she said rolling her eyes.

"Whatever, let's go feed my daughter" I said.

My daughter ...

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