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I was officially out of tears. That three thousand was to be used to get me through my first semester of college until I could get a job, and now the thought of even starting college and getting out of here was thrown out the window.

I looked at my still sleeping mother and then the clock, and which read 12:30 midnight. I slowly rose up, put of my shoes, and made my way out the door.

I decided to take a walk around town. If my mother was awake, she'd give me hell about leaving the house this late. It's completely understandable because of the violence that surrounds this neighborhood but right now I just needed to get my mind of of things.

I continued walking around town until I found my way to the park me and my brothers played at when we were younger.
Being here bought back so many memories and I couldn't get the two out of my head.

Although I knew Trevor was dead, I felt deep down that Chance was still out there somewhere despite what my mother thought.

I was cut out of my thought when I heard yelling in the distance.
"Aye Ma!" I heard one yell.
I completely ignored them and minded my business until I seen him and two other guys making there way towards me.

I got up, I began to walk away to avoid any altercations.

"Aye, bitch, I know ya' heard me talking to ya" the same one continued as I heard his footsteps speed up.

I turned around to see how close they were only to be met face to face with the man.

"Ya' know. I ought to take yo' ass right here in public for every one to here ya' scream, but since I got a little more respect , we gon' take this to ma car" he said.

"Uhm, excuse me. I'm not going no where with you !" I said letting my attitude take over.

"I tried to be nice" he laughed as he roughly grabbed me by my hems of my pants. I fought back until the other to men held me down.

"Please don't do this" I cried loudly .

"Shut up" he said with venom in his voice .

Just as he begin to loosen his belt I heard tires of a car coming down the road making me even more scared than before.

"Aye get the hell off her" I heard a familiar voice yell.

That caught there attention and they turned around and faced the man whoms face I couldn't see.

"Nigga, this our catch, mind your business" the man said.

Before I knew it, the man in the car pulled out his gun before saying "I ain't gon' tell y'all no more" he said angrier than before.

After that they scattered like roaches.
I continued to cry until I heard him speak up.

"Ori, put your clothes on" he said.

When he said my name, I finally looked up and realized it was Linya's (Nya) brother.

I quickly grabbed my hoodie and sweats and tossed them on.

"Com'on" he said.

I hesitantly followed him to his car and got in .

"What the hell ya doin, out here this time of night " he asked .

"Just getting my mind off things"I replied shyly.

"Baby girl there's liquor for that , . You don't need ta' be out here. These streets ain't nice " he continued on.

I sighed in response. After minutes of awkward silence he pulled up to a unfamiliar house and got out.

"Where are we, this ain't my house" I said slightly nervous of what his intentions were.

"Relax girl, this my crib" he stated .

I hesitantly got out the car and made my way to the door. He kicked his shoes off and made his way to the kitchen.

He came out with a bottle of liquor . "Here" he said , as he tossed me a bottle.

"I'm only 18" I said ..he chuckled.

"Innocent ass. I almost forgot. But look I ain't gon' tell on ya'" he said as he continuously laughed.

I hesitantly bought the bottle to my lips
and let the burning sensation take over me .. Easing away the bad memories that has happened over the pass twenty four hours.

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