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I pulled up to my mama's house and made my way to the door. I grabbed my key and opened her front door.

"Mama" I yelled out .

"Boy hush up all that yelling and come help me in this kitchen" she yelled back.

I chuckled to myself and made my way to the kitchen where I saw my mothers short frame reaching for a skillet. I crept behind her and grabbed the skillet.

"Boy , I had it" she said with an attitude.

"Ma, now you know that's a lie, witcho' short self " I laughed

She rolled her eyes and continued cooking.

"You know in playing Mama" I said kissing her cheek.

"I know you are, cuz' I was about to hit you with this skillet." She exclaimed.

"Ma, you a trip" I laughed.

I looked around the kitchen and noticed all the food on the table.

"Ma, what you doing all this cookin' for" I asked.

"Nya, got a friend over" she said hesitantly.

"A friend, what kind of friend. Baby girl bet not have no lil' nigga coming over here" I said slightly irritated.

"Boy watch your mouth, and no it's just a girlfriend from her old school. "She said.

"And you need to let that girl live, she 18, if she decides to go out there and find a man, let her" she ranted on.

"Man whatever mama" I said irritated.

The thought of my baby sister dating irked the hell out of me. I know one day eventually she gon' want a relationship, but all I know is whatever nigga she choose to pursue a relationship with better treat her like royalty.

I was snapped out my thoughts when I heard Nya's loud self yell.

"Big bro" she yelled jumping on my back.

"Man, get off me" I laughed a bit.

"I missed you though, you never make time for me anymore" she said "

"Man Nya, you over here sounding like Kylee" I exclaimed.

"Well it's true , you definitely don't win the brother of the year awards" she said jumping off my back.

Before I could respond, mama spoke up.
"Baby where's Orianna" she asked Nya

"Who" I asked with confusion.

"My friend, and she's in the bathroom, she should be down any minute" she responded

"Oh yeah, I forgot you had another one of your nappy headed friends over" i said.

"Leek, you get on my nerves, and Ori's hair is far from nappy"she replied.

All of our attention was directed towards the stairs when I heard someone coming down.

"Hey, baby I was just asking for you. All the food is done, I just need help setting the table " mom spoke towards the girl who I assume is Orianna.

"Yes ma'am" she responded

"And this is my son Maleek, Nya's older brother" my mama continued .

I gave her a head nod, and she slightly gave me a smile.

Lil mama, was fine as hell and I couldn't help but wonder what she would look like under me making faces while I'm blowing out her back.

My dirty thoughts were interrupted when Nya said:

"Leek move!, do you now see Ori tryna' get through".

"My bad Ori " I said moving out her way.

"It's fine" she said shyly.

"Lil mama, shy and quiet. I got just the thang that'll break her out shyness and something that' will make her scream out loud and it's called Maleek Jumbo Jr. " I thought to my self as I watched her walk in front of me.

"Man, she only 18, she too young" I continued to think to myself. "Shit , she legal, that's good enough for me" "but that's Nya's friend" . The debate in my head stopped when I heard momma began to say grace.

"Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the food on the table today. In Jesus's name , amen" she said.

"Mom, God don't like you" Nya said as she began to eat .

I busted out laughing . "He sho' don't, with that weak prayer" I added on laughing.

I noticed from the corner of my eye lil mama laughing at the situation, clearly amused.

"God knows my heart" she said with an attitude.

"So Orianna , I know you just graduated , what do you plan on doing now" my mom asked her.

"Well I plan on going to college, but I haven't necessarily chosen a major yet. " she replied.

"Your young, you got plenty of time to figure that out" my mom exclaimed.

"I wish my boot-legged children would have the same mindset as you" she continued as Ori began to laugh.

"Mom, leave her alone, you probably getting on her nerves by now" Nya laugh.

"And you getting on mine, with them predator braids hanging from yo' head" I said to Nya.

"Man whatever-" she was cut of by the sound of my phone ringing.

"Excuse me yall." I said as I excused myself from the table.

"What's good" I spoke into the phone.

"Man , you need to come down to the trap, we been hit" Chance exclaimed.

"Man what the fuck! These people really testing my patience" I said.

"I'a be down there in about 30, I'm with family right now" I sighed in anger.

I hung up the phone and headed back to the table.

"Mama , I gotta go" I said as I watched her fave slowly turn into a frown.

"Where you going " Nya butted in.

"Man mind yo business girl " I said

"Baby please be careful out there" my mom exclaimed as I watched her eyes began to gloss and Nya's eyes grow in confusion.

You see only my mother knew what I did to get by and she hated it because my father was killed due to street violence. I can tell that every time I leave her sight, a part of her breaks but she don't realize that this drug money is what pay for this house and everything else her and Nya owns. Although my mother knew, I refuse to let A'nya know what I do. I want to be someone she looks up to.

"I know momma," I said kissing her forehead .

"Bye retard" I laugh hugging Nya.

I turned to Ori and hugged her bye as she tensed up in my arms.

"Nice meeting you Orianna" I said as I made my way towards the door.

Imma fuck the life out of her I thought to myself as I exited the house and made my way to the trap.

Nya and Maleek's mother in MM
"Lanya is Nya's real name
Smh, Leek and his dirty thoughts.

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