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"Yes, yes" she panted as I moved in and out of her.

Your probably wondering how'd we came to this. Let's just say we were both very drunk after the second bottle.

I continued move in and out of her until I climaxed and rolled off of her.

Ten minutes later she was out cold and it was not long before I was out too.


I woke up to someone screaming my name. I rolled over forgetting Ori was here until the events from last night resurfaced into my thoughts.

"What the hell was we thinking" I thought to myself.

"Maleek!" She screamed with her voice even louder , which automatically grabbed my attention.

She looked down noticing she was naked before looking at me with confused eyes.

"We didn't --, you know"she said
"You don't remember" I responded offended. Every girl always remember me if you know what I mean.

"Just answer the question" she said with her angrily.

"Yeah, and you probably the best I've ever had" I said smirking .

She quickly got up and grabbed her clothes running into the bathroom to get changed.

A few minutes later, I made my way down the stairs noticing Ori about to make her way out the door.

"What's the rush, you didn't enjoy Mr.Classy" I laughed.

The laughs stopped when she faced me and I noticed tears rolling down her eyes.

"Fuck you!" She screamed.

"You knew I was drunk and you still took advantage of me" she yelled.

I just chuckled.

"First off we were both drunk, and as I remember, you came unto me" I smirked.

"It's not funny" she continued to yell.

"Stop acting like you ain't never had none" I said as I became irritated.

When she stood there silent, it was then that I realized why she was so upset. She was a virgin.

"Ori, were you a virgin" I asked hesitantly.

"Leave me alone" she said as she laced her shoes.

That alone answered my question. It sort of had me feeling bad for taunting her the way I did.

My thoughts were interrupted when she spoke up.

"Take me home please" she said not looking me in the eye.

I grabbed my keys and mad my way out the door to my car. The whole ride to her house was awkwardly silent. When I finally pulled up to her house. I attempted console her, but she had quickly jumped out the car and ran to her front steps and went inside..


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