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Wednesday had came around quick. Right now I was standing in the mirror evaluating my outfit . I was starting to notice my hips widening in the sundress I decided to wear.

I looked fat.

I sighed and grabbed my sandals from my closet.

Noticing my phone light up, I picked it up to notice I had gotten a text from Maleek telling me he was outside.

I made my way out the door and to his Audi .

"Hey" I spoke first.

"Hi" he replied.

This was another thing that has to change between the two of us. Whenever we were around each other, we barley spoke. I knew we weren't in a relationship or anything, but communication was going to be an important factor between the two of us due to the child we were bringing into this world.

The silence was interrupted when he turned up the stereo.

Baby, won't you come my way ,
Got something I want to say
Can't not keep you off my brain
But first off imma start by saying this..

Noticing it was Fetty wap , I started to sing along. Out the corner of my eye I noticed Maleek staring at me.

"I see I got a gangsta baby mama" he said nudging me.

I slightly laughed before replying.
"Yeah, you do. So I suggest you don't try me."

"I'll keep that in mind baby mama" he said.

"Stop calling me that" I said.

"What , ..you are my baby mama" he said chuckling.

I playfully rolled my eyes at him.

Moments later, we pulled up to a nice size house.

"Com'on " he said .

"Wait" I said suddenly becoming nervous.

"My family real welcoming, com'on now" he said leading me to the back.

Instantly the smell of BBQ hit my nose along with the loud chatter of everyone around.

"Hey Ori " miss Aniya made her way over to me .

"Let me introduce you to everyone" she said grabbing me.

"Dang, ma. Let the girl breath"Maleek said causing her to glare at him.

"I'll be inside with the guys if you need something" he said to me .

I nodded and followed miss Aniya around.

I met Maleek's aunt, and several cousins.
They seemed to be fairly nice people which I'm glad for. I wouldn't want my child around people who weren't .

After a while, I dismissed myself away from the older people since they were engaged in there own conversation.

With permission, I made my way inside the house looking for Maleek .

I heard chatter coming from the living room so I made my way there but stopped when I
heard my name.

"So you telling me this Ori girl only 18" one of them asked.

"Man shut up , I know you ain't talking" Maleek said laughing.

I looked around noticing one of the guys in deep thought.

I ignored it and made my presence known.

"Maleek" I said gaining the attention of everyone in the room.

"Everyone, this is Orianna-" before he could even finish, the guy who was once appeared in deep thought got up and knocked Maleek square in the jaw.

Maleek instantly began to fight back as the guys attempted to pull them apart.

Eventually, they got them apart.

"Man Fuck You Maleek! " he yelled

"What the hell wrong with you nigga!" Maleek yelled back.

"You fucking with my damn sister. Fuck you!" The guy yelled back.

"Chance what the hell you talking about "


I looked up studied the guy hard.. and indeed it was my brother. His appearance had completely changed since the last time I seen him. My eyes instantly filled with tears.

I always knew he was out there somewhere, but this is not how I pictured us reuniting.

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