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I pulled away from Orianna's house and sighed. I act as if I am okay with everything but in reality I'm not. I don't know how to raise a child and the street business that I am is something I would never want my child to witness.

I pulled up to Chances house and made my way inside.

"Nigga, learn how to knock" he said sapping me up.

I just sighed and sat down.

"Whatsup man, what's wrong" he asked

"Man, you ain't gon' believe this" I said rubbing my face.

"I got some lil girl pregnant" I said

He busted out laughing .

"Man, what the fuck is funny " I asked

"That's what you get for sticking yo' joystick everywhere. And what tf you mean lil girl?" He asked.

"She's 18 man." I responded.

"You done fucked up now. She probably some young Thot looking for a check. Better get a DNA test" he said

"Naw, she ain't like that" I defended .

"That's what they all say" he said.

I just disregarded everything he said. As much as I wanted to believe him, I knew Ori wasn't like that.

"But look on the bright side ,our kids will be around the same age" he said

"Chelsea pregnant again?" I asked.

He grinned before nodding.

Ol boy loved kids. And if it was up to him he'd have about 10.

"Aye, but if baby does come out to be yours, fatherhood ain't to bad" he said .

"It's like having mini you" he said.

"Yeah, man " I said not really paying him no mind.

"But look, you gon' pull up to Aunties BBQ on Wednesday ? "I asked changing the subject.

"Yea, you know how I feel about Miss Chandra's ribs" he said laughing .

"Ol greedy ass" I said.

"Whatever, but I need to talk to you about something " he said.

"What's up " I asked.

"I know we making good money right now but I been thinking about expanding"

"Naw man, I ain't with that. You know how dangerous working with foreign connects is" I said.

"And besides, we making thousands locally, I don't see why we need more" I continued.

"Man, I'm talking millions bro. " he said trying to persuade me.

Damn. I thought to myself. That's a lot of money.

"Man I don't know, we both got kids on the way and you know if something go wrong you know that's the first people they going after. ... Who the hell even bought this idea to you" I said.

"And when have anyone ever tried to mess with us M? And don't worry about all that. Just know that it's the Jamaicans tryna do business" he said.

I sighed.

"Just think about it man.. You got two weeks to come up with an answer" he continued on.

"Aight man, I'm about to head out.. See what Ori's up too " I said

"Ori?" He questioned

"Baby mama , " I responded causing him to laugh.

"Aight man, don't forget what I said" he said dapping me up .

I left his house and went home to rest.

A nigga can't get a break.

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