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We were finally making our way home from the ceremony.

"Oh,baby look at you . Im so proud" my mother said for the millionth time this day. I slightly smiled at her.

"I just wish --, never mind" I mumbled.

I heard my mother sigh. "I know what your thinking Ori. I miss your brothers as much as you do hunny. They'd be so proud of you" she said.

"Mom stop. You're speaking as if Chance is dead too. Last time I checked I only have one brother who's dead" I said slightly with an attitude. She knew I hated when she speak as if Chance is dead too .. I just know he's out here somewhere.

"Look Ori, let's not spoil the mood baby, today should be one of the happiest days of your life" she ranted

"I know mom, I'm sorry " . We had finally made it home. I hopped out the car and followed my mom into our small home.

As I stepped in side I was welcomed by a number voices . "Surprise!" Everyone yelled. I couldn't help the big smile that spread on my face. I turned to my mom and hugged her tightly as I thanked her. I turned around and was greeted by a number of cousins , aunts and uncle and a new friend I had just met about a year ago. Her name is Nya, and I'd like to believe that she was the reason why I even got noticed during the final stages of high school. I wasn't a lame or anything, I just stayed to myself most of the time and refused to go to those drug filled parties high schoolers threw until I met Nya, she broke me out of my shell and taught me how to "enhance my social abilities". I slightly laughed at the thought.

I noticed Nya making her way towards me . "Hey gurl! How it feel to finally free from that bitch" she said referring to high school . I slightly chuckled at her.

"Nya your a mess" I laughed

"So since its your big day you know we turning up tonight" she said.

"Nya you know that's not me" I said

"Girl com'on ! Live a little bit" she stated in an over-exaggerated tone. I just gave her a look that implied that I wasn't doing it.

"Fine granny, how bout this.. You come over my house and we have a girls night , just you and me" she suggested.

"That sounds cool, I'm down for it " I replied

"Of course you are , granny" she laughed.
I laughed as we parted ways to go talk to other people .

1 and a 1/2 hour later.

"Bye mom," I said "BYE MOMMY NUMBER 2" Nya came out our bathroom yelling. My mother laughed at both of us as she kissed our foreheads. "Be careful driving and make sure you have Nya's mother call me, you know I've never met her mother" she ranted.

"Yeah , I know mom" I said making my way to Nya's car.

"What's your mom like" I asked Nya .

She laughed. "Girl calm down, you acting like you my man meeting her for the first time" she said as she turned up the radio. It was about 15 more minutes of random chatter between her and I before we pulled up to a large house.

"Omg Nya , you never told me your family damn near rich" I stated a little embarressed because my house is probably as big as their garage.

"Girl , stop thinking like that, I don't care if you were living on the street, you'd still be my main bitch" she stated making me smile a bit.

We finally made inside her house and I was greeted by a large crystal chandelier .

"Mom!" She yelled out.

"In the kitchen, " I heard someone yell.

"Com'on ," Nya grabbed my hand pulling me towards the kitchen. I was greeted by a short fair skin lady. "Hey sweetheart, you must be Orianna" she stated pulling me into a hug. "Nice to finally meet you " she continued.

"Same to you ma'am" I replied.

"Girl call me Aniya, I'm not that old" she laughed.

"Well you girls gon' up them stairs and have fun, and Nya your brothers on his way over".

"Okay, mom" she said dragging me to the room.

This is going to be one hell of a night with Nya , I thought to myself .

Nya in the MM

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